Megan K.

Austin, TX

Joined July 2019

Very Unhappy

I have to disagree with the vast majority of reviews on this site for this campground. After reading all of these reviews, I was very excited to camp here! We even splurged and got one of the "ocean" campsites. However, we were very very very disappointed. Their ocean campsites are mostly located on a large dirt lot directly under highway 1. There is no separation between you and the next campsite other than a log or some rocks so expect zero privacy. The highway itself is very loud throughout the day and into the night. The bathrooms were very dirty all the time with mud, dirt, and large trashcans that were constantly full. The showers also were out of order. The squirrels are pretty vicious here and it is sadly due to the improper trash policy this campground has. The trashcans are simply metal trashcans without any type of lock on them. Throughout the day and the night, squirrels and birds would get the lid off the trashcan and rummage through the trash. Unfortunately, it does not appear that the rangers of the campground do much educating on proper interactions with wildlife either as the vast majority of other visitors were also seen feeding the squirrels. It may seem harmless, but it is very unhealthy for these animals! 

The hike to the waterfall and the limekilns was pleasant and definitely pretty. It was a short hike and we completed both in about an hour and a half. The beach is also nice overall.

Amazing campground! Beautiful!

We loved this campground! We had site number 29 and think it is one of the best ones in the campground. The site was large enough to fit our 10x10 tent. It was also very close to being near the bathrooms without us being right next to them. We were right next to the prairie creek which was beautiful. The campground and bathrooms were clean, with soap provided as well as potable water. The showers were good as well, although it was hard to get hot water sometimes. We also camped here on the weekends when the rangers had their talks in the evenings. We highly recommend attending these! They are geared towards a younger audience, but they are fun to experience and learn more about the area you are in. This campsite also has plenty of access to amazing hikes. We hope to visit again!

Don't pay extra for the "lake view"

We decided to splurge and paid extra for the "beach camp" campsites. Unfortunately, from the vast majority of these sites, you cannot see the lake or beach at all. Granted, these sites are within walking distance to the lake compared to the other campsites of the area. However, it should be marketed as "walk to lake" sites rather than promising a view of the actual lake. 

Otherwise, our site was nice and clean. We had site number 165 which is a little bit of a walk in campsite. It is located up on a hill and was quiet. Unfortunately, the bathroom facilities of this campground were very dirty and the dishwashing area was always messy. The one positive about the bathrooms were that the showers were nice and warm. Be prepared to bring single dollar bills to buy their coins to use the showers. 

We also were unlucky because some campers did not properly store their trash in the trashcans provided and a bear did come to our campsite and destroyed the trash. Please be respectful of your neighbors and the wildlife and listen to the rules about storing food and scented items! All must go in the bear boxes and the trash cans need to be locked after you throw away trash each time!

Beautiful and great location for Yosemite

If you were unlucky like us and didn't get a campsite in Yosemite itself, this is an excellent choice! The campground is quiet and located about 15 minutes away from the front gates of Yosemite. Realize it will still take another 45 minutes or so to drive all the way to Yosemite Valley, but we would just get up early every morning and hop in the car and eat breakfast once we parked in Yosemite Valley. We would arrive in Yosemite Valley between 7:00-7:30 am and have no problem finding a parking spot for the day. 

We personally thought our site was one of the best in the area as it was nice and flat and private feeling as it was surrounded by trees. We do think site #28 is actually one of the best because it is really secluded. Bathrooms are pit toilets but felt relatively clean. There is potable water available as well. Also, recognize that there will be no cell service at this campground so plan accordingly!

Overall Nice

We enjoyed this campground. It is a very big campground. We had site 101, which you can view on the map that I took a picture of. We really liked this spot. It was a very large site that had two relatively flat areas to pitch a tent. I would recommend not paying extra for the "lake view" sites as when we were walking around the campground and checking out the campsites, we personally did not think these lake view sites had any lakeview at all (as there is a path trail, a road, and a bunch of trees between the campsites and the lake). The bathrooms were clean and with flush toilets, but there is no soap so be prepared to pack your own. Showers are free to campers and do their job of getting you clean! Overall it was a good play to stay.

Amazing! A must stay!

We loved this campsite! It is at the base of the canyon and surrounded by beautiful trees which provide nice shade during the day. The campsite is also within walking distance to the visitors center (which has free wifi if you need) and to the shuttle. The shuttle is by far the best way to explore this National Park. Take advantage of it!

The campsite itself was very clean. The bathrooms were also impressive! Very clean with toilet paper and soap provided. There is also a dishwashing station at each bathroom which is very convenient. You can walk into town or take the free shuttle to access some locations in town that provide showers for a fee (~$5-$7). Firewood can also be purchased in town.


We enjoyed this campground! We traveled in mid May to Arches National Park and unfortunately encountered quite a bit of rain. The campground itself is situated deep in the park and takes about 20-30 min to drive to from the front gates of the national park. The bathrooms are very clean, although no soap is provided (just hand sanitizer) so bring your own! There is also a dishwashing station which is very convenient. The campground is in a perfect spot in the park to do a lot of the major hiking. 

The reason I am providing only four stars is due to the location of our specific campsite number. It is out in the open with no form of shade or protection. If you are wanting some protection from the elements (whether that is rain or sun), I would suggest sites 28-49 as they appear to have some trees and rock formations closer to them. 

Overall we enjoyed our time here!