Megan D.
Charlottesville, VA
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Eventually found a nice spot, but was very hard to find free camping

Had to use to find a spot. We were naive thinking that National Forests have free dispersed camping, but the White Mountains charge at least $20 at their sites and forbid you to camp in any place we found. almost everywhere you look are no camping signs which is so unlike many other national forests. Anyway we eventually found some spots on a forest road (I think752) that would have been very nice and secluded if it weren't already so late and they weren't already so full

Not sure if where we were is still part of the park

We stayed in Lot 1 of Smugglers Notch ski resort. It's a big gravel parking lot used during the ski season and left virtually abandoned during the summer. Not sure it's technically a campground, but Vermont has liberal dispersed camping rules. No facilities or anything, but we just slept in our car, cooked on our stove, and drove somewhere else in the morning for bathrooms. Met a local who told us about a lake at the top of the slopes. Other than that, never saw anyone else. Apparently bears are nearby but we saw no signs. Second picture is looking up a ski slope a few paces from the lot

dirty but free

We camped here for two nights at the beginning of our road trip. We stayed in the area for bikers along the Great Allegheny Passage, but we talked to a ranger that said it was fine. you do need to register your car if you are parked there because they close the park gates every night and don't want anyone getting stuck inside. There are two shelters in which you can set up tents, and lots of fire pits and grills. However, there was a fair bit of trash on the ground-- from bursted water balloons to fake eyelashes. The creek was nice to cool off in, though other campers said they wouldn't dare get in the murky water. we thought it was fine though.