Max O.

Lambertville, MI

Joined August 2019

Close to Devils bathtub!

Stopped here southbound to devils bathtub, so it worked perfectly being so close. Not much to say about the campground, offers little amenities.

Convenience camping

Nice place to stay close to natural bridge. Your average koa, well kept wasn't too busy considering location and time of year would stay again!


Needed a place to stay and they had plenty of spots open. Not too many amenities but thats fine by me. Pretty area right on the lake, stayed here after coming from the pictured rocks

Very clean

Awesome campground, so well kept. Stayed here on the way home from shenandoah natl park and had a very peaceful night, definitely would recommend. Lots of hiking nearby as well, always love coming out to this part of the country

RV park

Didn't enjoy staying here too much, gotta give it three stars though free camping in a natl forest can be hard to find, and right near natural bridge attraction. Full of travel trailers people leave parked here, and some people live out of. lots of trailers and no vehicles to accompany them.. was absolutely packed, everyone parking wherever they please taking up more room than they need. One group of people all had their rv's parked together in the center to make a big camp, seems like they had been there for a few months i think people just live here in the summer. loud, inconsiderate neighbors (more than 1) generators running all night definitely will not be coming back here unless i have to. Oh and watch out for water moccasins (poisonous snakes)


Pretty run of the mill campground, convenient location close to Richmond. Got up early and checked out the fine arts museum and some of the old buildings, theres even a castle hidden in town (now privately owned). Suited my needs just fine, will stop in again if i need a place to stay!

Very rustic dispersed camping

You have a fire ring and a line to hang things from thats about it here, really nice place to camp if youre comfortable not having a toilet. Saw one other person here come in with a 30 foot trailer, didnt think he would fit but found a spot just fine. And the best part is its FREE CAMPING!!

Very secluded (Permit required..?)

Stayed here a night after heading to Williamsburg and jamestown, at the end of the road is a boat launch into the river and just before are the camp sites. Not very well marked just pull off and park in the grass onside of the road, mostly rvs here. I found a really nice spot in the woods though on the other side of the road, if you go all the way down to the boat launch and turn around heading back the way you came, there will be a site on your left hand side that has an amazing view just one site about a quarter mile through the woods and you have your own little spot! Other than that you're camping in a grass field basically no fire rings or picnic benches. Looks like an area kids come to on the weekends, there was a small camp with a trash bucket someone had brought out and sadly, freshly downed tree saplings. The view here though was unbelievable! WMA wildlife management area's require a permit, but i only stayed one night everything was just fine.

nice family campground

Nice place for families and rv's, stopped here for a night on the way to Colonial Williamsburg well kept nice facilities just a bit expensive for what i needed. Cool swimming area, this seems to be the only decent spot around.

Wish I could have checked it out!

Arrived here before sun down and planned on hiking in to camp, but was stopped by virginia beach police! Myself and two others were turned away without reason, your'e supposed to park and hike in but an officer was waiting there telling people to leave. Given there was a music festival right down the street with hooligans runnin around, they probably didn't want certain types staying the night here and i guess i fit the bill! Might have to come back and try again..


Small campgrounds with a couple sites, nice cheap camping. Stayed here one night while on the road to Jamestown from Asheville worked for me!

Rustic no cell service

bit of a drive through the forest to get here, but great spots if you're looking to get away from civilization. Ended up locking my keys in the car and had to walk 10 miles back towards town to call AAA, but other than that loved this spot! once you arrive to the campground coming from Asheville, there will be parking on the left a road on the right, and just past this road is a big campground that can fit bigger rvs, or if you want the feel of a community campground this is for you. If you want your own spot along the river take the road on your right hand side and the individual sites are right there along the road. Very nice spots, not super close to each other nice and secluded.

Best site in Shenandoah

Loved staying here, this site is first come first served, which is nice for those passing through. Bearfence is just down the trail, nice that you can walk out of camp and start hiking. Originally was opened in 1939 as "Lewis Mountain Negro Area", not having all the amenities that whites only campgrounds had, I find it interesting that this is now the best spot in town! (IMO) camp attendee is super friendly and on top of everything. This is a hiking area, people tend to go to sleep and wake up earlier than your average family camping location, be aware of the time and don't be loud after dark! Never had an issue here, oh and remember this site is on the peak of a mountain, so it gets pretty chilly at night.


Love this park, right down the street from our family cabin and you get the best views of the Au Sauble river for miles around. Right in the heart of Mio, and if you're in the area be sure to check out "the bakery" (Amish bakery that is unbelievably delicious)

Very rustic

This forest is massive, so much to explore. Had a blast back country camping, really nice to see such large areas still undisturbed for the most part.

Nice getaway

Cool trails nearby, really like this site. Well kept and a very relaxed environment to get away. Just also happens to be the closest camping spot!

Camping along the river

Stayed here for a night after a concert in Cuyahoga falls, good amount of sites pretty close together. All sites run along the river, just a short walk up to the bathrooms, pretty well taken care of. Has some really nice trails nearby, trailheads at the bridge. Popped a tire pulling into our campsite, some jagged metal on the ground be cautious! (We picked up as much as we could find and all other sites looked well cared for so shouldn't be an issue) More of a family camping spot it seems, but definitely not exclusively. Towards the back of campgrounds people tend to stay up later and maybe make a bit more noise, stay closer to the front if you need to get to sleep early

Huge wilderness escape

Nice stretch of forest in between Cleveland and Akron, stopped here on the way to a dead and co. show, gorgeous landscapes! Great views, trails for different skill levels casual walks or longer hikes there's something here for you. Would have liked to camp here as well but was packed from the concert and ended up staying in Mohican

Nice campground

Friendly staff, plenty of space to spread out, really nice not to be so close to your neighbors! Beautiful area you can't go wrong here

Busy spot close quarters

Busy spot obviously, convenient place to stay being right near the pictured rocks. Be prepared to get close with your neighbors, and the Backcountry tent sites are the same way. Very close together so privacy isn't really an option especially when busy. Bring bug spray, it doesn't help much but the black flies can be absolutely relentless and those things hurt!