Matthew G.

Fort Bragg, CA

Joined April 2017

Mystical Redwoods, enchanting beaches, away from it all!

I'm lucky enough to live within an hour from this amazing place. Granted it has no facilities as budgets have been hacked and slashed, but this isn't the kind of place for luxury camping. This is the kind of place that will renew your soul, it will make you feel alive and allow the stress of the everyday world to wash away.

Located off the far north end of hwy 1 you have to traverse a steep, winding and rutted dirt road for several miles until you break out of the forest to reveal a jaw dropping breath taking view of Usal beach.

During peak season the campsites can get a little busy as Usal serves as the southern most trail head for the Lost Coast Trail. But I have never not been able to get a camp site. Many times throughout the year I arrive to find myself the only visitor, and those are the times I cherish most. You may also find during the summer weekends local kids coming to drink and party. They can get noisy and rowdy but the area is spread out enough that funding a private camp is usually an option.

While camped at Usal it is very probable that you will see wild Elk. In fact the last time I was there we saw 6 massive Elk who hung out with us all day. Big time photo shoot :-)

I hope you get to experience this amazing, magical place!