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this is a good spot for close to town camping. you can only camp on weekends tho. the park, Mission Trails, has a TON of hiking and mountain biking trails with some great views. restrooms/showers are alright, most sites have zero shade. reserve early. lots of obnoxious "campers" with radios, drones, kids on hoverboards playing on their phones, noisy generators and all the usual BS that goes with RV people. but, once you get out into the trails and areas out of earshot of the campground, Mission is really great.

All about the Trails!

This is the Modern campground at Yankee. It's not bad, well maintained. More of a RV and motorboat kinda campground and the noise and light pollution you'd associate with that. But the trails (hiking and mtb) were worth it. Some of the best riding in the state.