Mary M.
Elizabeth, PA
Joined June 2016
check water level before going

it was a mud swamp with res levels very low. but bear prints and a dozen other critter paw prints made it fun.

off season is best

we cold camped, biked, geocached, and chilled here several times

clean place

not much privacy, kind of a big parking lot with everyone looking at each other. bathhouse was clean.


I hiked the loop and slept here. It gets buggy at dusk, time to hide inside the tent when the woods start buzzing and humming. beautiful views of the reservoir.

not for holidays

it gets noisy and crowded on holiday weekends. I enjoy midweek isolation. the Rocky shore is tough on canoes and kayaks.

one of my favs

I kayak out to hide here and recharge.

tucked away by a babbling creek

a slice of heaven.

this one, yes!

we have stayed in several sites. love it. the bald eagles sit in the trees not at all bothered by us. amazing.


the tent site had biting ants, poison ivy, and no privacy. hated it.