Marlaina M.

Bethlehem, PA

Joined July 2018

Small, but busy

Went in April so it was still chilly. Camps sites are a bit close together, but still clean. Was busy even for that time of year, especially he tent sites. Can get a little noisy with how close you your neighbors can be, but not a bad experience overall.

Beautiful and clean

Decent spaces between sites, with a smaller section for tents than RVs. Tent sites also have raised pads/beds for the tents to be set up and have options near the creek for both tents and RVs. I was impressed by how clean the bathrooms were kept in addition to the grounds. There’s a fenced not in area for dogs and a mini golf course, but it’s more for younger children. We were able to purchase Hershey Park tickets which were cheaper than buying from the Hershey (at a discount) and it includes shuttle service to and from the park!  The staff were friendly and welcoming and it was an overall wonderful experience.

Always a good time

Always fun at Knoebels, even if you don’t make it into the park. Great for groups, both tents and RVs, with hookups available. The amusement park is free and you only pay for what you want to do.

For the family

Family friendly with lots of activities


Quiet and clean. Multiple sites on different sides of the lake with options for tents and RVs, both with and without hookups. The lake can get a little crowded and the bathroom can get messy, but very family friendly.

Laid back and scenic

Scenic and spacious. Large camping areas that can fit two cars onsite and include picnic tables, some even with water and electric hookups. The bathrooms are large and well kept. The lake is nearby and doesn’t get crowded. There’s a separate shore for kayaks and canoes to enter the lake. We even got to see an eagles’ nest near our campsite.