Marcus H.
Mena, AR
Joined June 2018
Great all around state park

This is a great place to camp or hike. It has a great trail that you can explore, with lots of large boulders and some caves that you can get real close to. I think you can go in them at some times too but when I was there it was closed due to something with the bats. There is also a pretty dam and lake that is right there for fishing or kayaking. When you think of a campsite that has it all, this one is it. It's got your water source, trails, big boulders to climb, caves. There is also a state park center to visit and get info. There are plenty of campsites and several cabins to rent. There is a horse trail and other things for horse but I haven't explored it. They do have a pool that is open for the summer. I have just been there to hike but saw these other amenities. Hope this helps.


The times I have been there hasn’t been very many other campers in the area. I went with my in-laws, about 20 of us all together, and we pretty much had the whole place to ourselves. There’s not a ton to do there. There is a good size lake for fishing and a short trail for day hiking. Other than that, it’s just sitting around the campfire. Nothing wrong with that, I kinda prefer it that way. Just don’t expect much activity to do other than being a good ole camper. Hope this helps.