Mar S.
Buffalo, NY
Joined October 2018
Nice quiet primitive camp

This is a great little find.  All sites are first come first served and paid via an envelope into a lock box.  They do come around pretty much every day to check that you paid, so make sure you stop and pay up.  These sites are not like the state run campgrounds where you're packed in like sardines!  You have space and depending on which site you luck out with, you won't be able to hear your neighbors.  The sites that are like 8-11 (i think) are the best ones and you have more privacy.  But there are other sites directly on the water.  I was there for the July 4th long weekend and there were only like 5 sites occupied, but when we had called before showing up, they said some weekends they do get full.

There is a well hand pump for water.  I'm not sure if i would drink it though…I saw no mention of whether it was potable or not.  But I used it to wash my hands, dishes and wash my hair.  

There are at least 2 vault toilets.  They have plenty of toilet paper, and aren't that smelly.

The road is a dirt road to get there.  But there are lots of ATV roads on the way to the camp ground - so make you stay on the all dirt road to get there instead of turning onto a dirt ATV trail with lots of grass in the middle.  You don't have to have a 4 wheel drive to get there or anything, but just take the road slow so you don't break an axle. 

Bring a bike or kayak and enjoy the solitude while you're there!  It's great!

There is a dumpster to dump your garbage on the way out.

The site was relatively clean, but there was some litter that I could tell had just blown out of someone's car or something.  So leave the place cleaner than when you showed up and pick up the trash.

All sites have at least one picnic table, a fire ring and a grill.  But no grate to put over the fire pit, we brought charcoal to cook with or transferred hot coals from the firepit.

I have AT&T and had full cell service when I was there, so that made making evening plans easy.

There are better places

Stayed here one night. They charge per site, not per person. So depending on how many people you have, it is sometimes cheaper. The sites aren't that well taken care of and theres garbage in the firepits often.

Great camground

This place is wise open and there is room everywhere. It is on the banks of the Cheat River, so if you plan to whitewater kayak the cheat canyon, you're camped right at the put in.

Great little campground

Right on the bank of the the Muddy river and a short 2 minute walk to the Cheat River. This is also right next to the Cheat River Festival grounds. The sites are all super open, so if you want privacy, this isn't the place for you, but except during festival weekends, there won't be a lot of people around. The bathrooms are super clean and always restocked with toilet paper, soap and hand towels. There is fresh water on the side of the bathroom building. Spotty at best cell phone service, so check your email before getting there. This campground is also where most whitewater kayakers kayaking the Cheat Canyon stay.

Sardines camping

If you like camping right next to another group and being packed in like sardines, this is the place for you! You'll be about 15 feet away from the group next to you. They do have quiet hours though, so if you want super quiet camping…you'll like it here. Because it is also a PA state park….you can't legally drink alcohol here. But if you put it in a different container and don't make a lot of noise….nobody seems to bother you. The bathrooms are clean, but you have to drive to them if you want to use the bathrooms before it starts running down your leg….the walk is far.

You can pretty much do anything you want here....within reason

If you want to have a big party, this is the place to do it. Call in advance and reserve one of the sites that is up the hill farther away from people. They also have 2 shelters (1 small/1 big) that both have electricity, but bring an extension cord and a socket with a plug to screw into a lightbulb socket. Some of the sites are more primitive than others. If you're the type of person that wants everything prim and proper this is not the place for you. Their bathrooms are a little worse than wear….but they do have toilet paper and running water, so that's better than most places. They have private showers too, but I'd recommend wearing sandals in there. The camp store they have in the main building doesn't have much…but they do have candy and stuff for smores. You can also get wood there, either by a small load or by the truck bed size. They'll deliver it to your site if you want. They take Credit Cards too.