Really nice, not level

Nice sites, small campground. Most sites are not level. There are a few that can accomodate a class A. You can get water and dump at Fast Mart 76 about 9 miles away. I would stay here again. It is very peaceful. Verizon cell service is good with a wifi booster, very little at&t coverage.

Love it here!

So friendly! Nice dog park, good wifi, activities like potlucks and poker. Would definitely come back.

Great location near Mexico

No wifi here. It is very close to the border of Mexico if you are crossing for medication, dental care, or shopping. Large, beautiful park. Pets allowed

Amazing, no wifi

If you need wifi, this is not the place to stay. However, be sure to visit for the day. It is so unusual. The camping spots are really cool! Pets allowed

Peaceful and small

It is hard to get an electric site here with a reservation. Boondock for a day and quickly move over to an unreserved electric site once someone leaves. Fun hiking on a volcanic mountain. You can find geodes and thunder eggs. Clean bathrooms. Excellent wifi (verizon and at&t) with booster. No limit on # of pets. Close to Mexico for dental care and shopping.

Natural and beautiful

Walk down to the river and float in a toob. It is a wonderful summer adventure. Large sites, friendly people. You will need a WIFI booster if you want to get online. Nice visitors center, nice bathrooms.

Beautiful and Giant dino statues!

This is a fun, family park. Pets allowed, shady sites. Some sites have good wifi (verizon and at&t) with a booster. The dino prints are worth the trip. Nice gift shop, take pics with the big dino statues.

Right on the lake

Sites are roomy, pets allowed, good wifi with booster. Walk down to the lake at sunset, so beautiful!

One of my Favorites!

A fun lake to snorkle! Not many trees at the sites. Great wifi with a booster (at&t and verizon). Pets allowed. A lot of places to walk.

Fun mountain hike

Large sites, Good wifi with booster (Verizon and AT&T). Pets allowed. Fun things to do nearby. Quiet and peaceful. Wonderful view of the night sky

One of my favorites

Really beautiful park near Las Cruces. Very clean, nice bathrooms. Inexpensive. Pets allowed. Very large sites with a great view of the mpuntains and the Rio Grande.

Beautiful site, inexpensive

Pets are allowed, everyone is friendly. I work on the road, so internet is important to me. Great Verizon and AT&T coverage. I love walking on the beach here. One loop is getting a new bathroom, so doesn't have one right now