Maggie M.

Grand Blanc, MI

Joined August 2018

why I give it three stars

I’ll give you a run down on the bad first and then share the good. First off, these sites are shown as “backcountry” sites. In reality, you are less than 1/6 of a mile from the parking lot, and the campsites are right on top of each other in a field. You can hear the highway from your site. They get very very hot and humid , there is no shade and you do not get your own fire ring either, luckily we brought our camp stove for food! It was so hot though during the day that we left a day early. The bugs are absolutely terrible. Not really mosquitos, but wasps, and all kinds of flies and beetles. They do provide a porta-potty since there really isn’t any privacy for bathroom needs outside, and it was so gross/unserviced I would walk the 1.2 miles to the visitor center in the morning instead . All of this being said , there are a lot of beautiful things to see here. If I lived closer I would be coming here often to hike, but not to camp. The ledges were incredible, the waterfalls were stunning, and there are just some great trails to enjoy and history to feel and learn about.

Use care when packing to camp here, for heat/humidity, bugs, sun, and food.

Everything to do

Holly Rec is huge and there is so much you can do. Camping is pretty secluded. Lots and lots of hiking available , pets allowed which is awesome, disc golfing , lakes for great kayaking and there is a wonderful beach! Something for everyone! you can get away here , and take a much needed break from real life.

We weren’t planning to camp but...

but we were blown away! The dunes along the river seem out of place, and wonderfully so. you could spend so much tIme here, climbing around, swimming, kayaking, and enjoying the views. We keep our Jeep ready for camping at any moment and places like this are why we do it. We just had to stay, and I am so excited to go back in the fall. I know this says no pets but we were able to bring our dog and saw many other dogs enjoying the park as well!

Absolutely Incredible

I had heard about Turkey Run a few times but never thought much of it. On my way through we decided to stop in and we were so blown away we stayed the night. This state park is definitely the Gem of Indiana . There are lots of view stops along the river, the suspension bridge is super neat, and the rocks, waterfalls, and streams will have you awestruck the whole time. I cannot wait to return, I’m sure it is breathtaking in the fall. there are lots of inclines and steps , not much of it was extremely easy hiking, but we did see lots of families with kids doing just fine. We camped out of our Jeep and didn’t have any issue. My favorite part about camping is the sunrise and Turkey Run was not disappointing.

A beautiful park!

Seven Lakes has a great hike that takes you all around the lake, as well as smaller loops. You can find challenging hikes or an easy path. The campsites are close ish together but the one we stayed in was set in the woods, so we really didn’t have a problem with it. Sunrise is stunning here. Do make sure you bring plenty of bug netting/spray/gear if you come in the summer, the bugs are brutal.

First to Review
Do you love waterfalls?

This state park has something for everyone. It has some fun hikes out to some pretty incredible waterfalls. The lakes are stunning, and there are a LOT of campsites to choose from. I also appreciated the space they provide at campsites to store food that are bear proof. If you like to off-road there are plenty of two tracks , and if you don’t there are campsites for you too. The rangers in the station are helpful in finding the best place for your needs. We really enjoyed spending a weekend here.

A secret gem

The campsites are easily accessible and it is a short hike to an unbelievable place. At night you’ll be able to see the Milky Way, and you’ll wake up to a stunning sunrise. Even though you are in a valley with no trees or cover, the campsites are not on top of each other and you do get privacy. Trust me, Fossil Falls is worth the trip every time.