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Reardan, WA
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Tiny Vintage Trailer Adventures in a 15’ 1965 Fireball...
We made it at the last possible minute...

Arriving later than expected, when it is darker than can be believed, is bad enough.  Then there is setting up in the dark: ARGH!  But the camp host turned our anxieties around, as he came whipping cheerfully through the gate in his golf cart to let us in at 9:55, exclaiming “You just barely made it!.”  (No kidding! The Campground Rules state that “Campers must be checked in and through the gate by 9:30, and set up in their site before 10PM.”)  Without any further ado, he led us to our site, was very kind and understanding, and helped my husband back our trailer into our site in the pitch black. He kindly came around again in the morning to check on us…  We had to get going early so I can’t comment on the entirety of the campground, but our site was beautiful and clean, and within a very short walk to the gorgeous Yakima River.  The bathrooms were pristine, and the hookups worked great (our first time hooking up with our new-to-us vintage trailer in the wild!) They even had a couple items that we needed in their tiny store, which is largely stocked with RV tools and equipment, a few gifty items, ice and snacks.  We wished we didn’t have to be on our way so early…  Next time we will stay a couple!

Unique in the world.

This natural setting is beyond words. Otherworldly, the edge of civilization, windswept, utterly fresh. Campsites and bathrooms are fine, just, as if not to compete with the view.  There are no hookups, but who cares when you are literally in paradise?  The beach is like a dream.  Wished so much that we had more time to explore…

The campground was chuckabluck full.  We came at about 3:30 to see if there were any cancelled sites available on a first-come-first-served basis.  I got in line, as the registration booth said “back at 5:15”.  Soon there was a crowd waiting.  Everyone was tense at first due to the competition for the unknown, but very friendly and encouraging.  

Then, a miracle happened: a woman walked up to the crowd and said, “Are you all looking for a site for one night?  I have ten pre-paid sites that were for my wedding guests - we got married here yesterday - does anyone want one?”  We all raised our hands in utter shock, and she began doling out these free sights.  

(Christina, I came by your campsite that evening to thank you with a nice bottle of Port, but you had already left.  I hope you read this, you really blessed us!  We will never forget your kindness and generosity!  Congratulations on your wedding, in such a magical spectacular setting!)

We will definitely return as often as possible to this amazing place.  (With reservations next time!)


Yes, I hesitated. We have a certain affection for this weird campground. They do try hard. The staff are available, super friendly and eager to be helpful. There is so much here for kids! And the palm trees, what a kick! However our particular site (beware of #15 until they fix it!) had Issues. The grass was torn up (moles?) so it was largely dirt and mud. The neighbor’s septic hole and rock cover (“?!”) (see the pic posted below by Kathy A.! Kathy, am I right? YUCK!) were a few inches from our picnic table! Most frustrating, there was less than zero privacy. All that said, we did have petunias in full bloom to cheer us up! And other nearby sites appeared pristine with gorgeous well-kept grass, trees and flowers, a little bit of space, and a little shade (some with alot!) The major draw, beyond how great a place this is for kids, is that this is one of the very few campgrounds near metro Seattle. That is what we needed and we were grateful for a place to plunk, hot showers, running water, and electricity… Would stay here again, now that I have spied out the sites!  (… Besides, a certain portion of our trailer gear certainly came to us by way of the Amazon distribution center across the street…!)

Very Nice, but with a few tolerable issues.

The staff person at the registration booth was very cheerful and helpful. I also noticed that there is an herb garden planted in front of the booth- thought about asking for some sprigs of rosemary and thyme for our dinner that night, but darn I chickened out…  The winding paths leading from the upper campsites to the water’s edge are a treasure trove for a photographer. Great fun. Our upper loop site had zero privacy, and was a bit noisy, as there was highway construction going on, layered on top of the background of the usual nearby highway noise.  There is construction going on inside the camp as well, on a dock and a retaining wall I believe?  So I was not able to explore those campsites nearer the water, but it looked like perhaps there would be more privacy there?  Our paved pad was nearly perfectly level despite the online info of “slightly sloped.”  Hookups (water, power, sewer) were fine.  Bathrooms are very clean, with an excellent, roomy, clean steaming hot shower (tokens needed - pick them up at the registration booth - you need paper money to feed the token machine: 1 token will get you 3 minutes.)  We had friendly neighbors who had some ideas about how we might find a replacement for our 54 year old broken door hinge…  Thanks Ray! 

Awesome stay!

Serene winding trails to the breathtaking beach. Beautiful sites… But… Wish there were more with hookups. It was quite a ways to get water…  Despite the online note saying Pad Maneuverability is “good”, our site required a very sharp back-in turn, with a “wrong way” sign strategically placed right in the way, just to make it extra special.  People are so friendly: the Teardrop Rally gang were watching me struggling to back the trailer into place (for the first time I might add!) and cheering me on, and then gave me a STANDING O when I finally got that sucker parked!  I took a bow!  Hey Teardrop Rally folks: Thanks so much for the encouragement!  Can we be honorary members? We’d like to hang with you super cool and awesome Peeps!…