Lindsay M.
Corvallis, OR
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Beautiful Oregon lake.

North Waldo has great beaches. Some of the sites are huge. Many are lake front.

Lovely, cozy campgroud

12 is great. #11 is pretty good. There are several that are great to group together for a few families or group. Gateway to many hikes -short drive on scenic hwy. and lakes. Cheap and reservable.

Secluded and serene

Great campground, huge sites. Great hiking, waterfall. Short drive to Paulina lake.

Lava lake campground

Gorgeous lake. Amazing trail systems! Lodge is great with boat rentals as well. There are two campgrounds right next to each other- lava lake RV park and resort, and lava lake campground. Both have boat ramps. Then, little lava lake campground is a short walk/drive away. Some sites at lava lake are great, others are very open and not well secluded from each other…

Great beaches.

Some amazing ocean front spots. The highway side can be quite noisy from Hwy 101. Ocean side is near enough to the waves that it overpowers the Hwy.

Easy, popular campground

A loop - you can hear highway 101. Lots of RV spots. Best tent sites are on the outer (north) sides of the loops. Especially C,D and E loops. Ranger station and junior ranger program. Great family campground.


I’ll add more soon. Most sites are awesome. #17-21 are the best.


I love this campground. The river is very swift and dangerous- is be very worried about young children near the banks. The creek side is calmer but ice cold and swift as well. Rugged.

7 is our favorite.

The sites are huge. Tons of hiking close by.

Santiam River

Site #1 walk up only, creek side of the road

2 compact, on creek

3 compact, on creek

4 nice one! Near bridge across river and swimming hole. Tons of space

“5 -same as above but more on the river side . #6 more open, compact. Amazing swimming hole right at campsite.

7-11. Ok sites. Some up away from the river, all have nice views.

12 -cliff spot, jumping off spot right at campsite, nice site

13- behind bathroom, no view

14 AMAZING! river front, huge site

15 AMAZING!!! More privacy, huge.

16, nice, this site opens up to 17. 16&17 are great for a large group-booked together.

17-AMAZING! Last site with a short river hike to the falls. Huge site.