Layton R.

Portland , OR

Joined October 2019

Happily retired

Best place to stay !

Great location between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Very good facilities in small park. Walking distance to wonderful beaches and several restaurants. 30 min drive to SC north or south to Monterey.

Good place to overnight in Monterey.

Not fancy but practical. Close to DT sites and large parking areas near wharf and other attractions. Quiet except for occasions airport traffic. 4 stars due to location.

Wonderful place to stay

Large well kept and maintained park. Convenient to restaurants , shops and markets in and near harbor. All within walking distance. Dune attractions and dune vehicle rentals nearby. Best place to stay in that area.

Great bayside campground

Not fancy, but a great place to stay while checking out the beautiful scenery in and around Crescent City. Walking distance to lighthouse, downtown and restaurants and seafood markets at Crescent City harbor.