Laurie W.

Boise, ID

Joined August 2018

Beautiful place to be

Deadwood is deep in the mountains and the roads can be a bit rough. Wonderful place to kayak out and watch the osprey dive for dinner. There are some small islands that are worth exploring. Lost of shade and pretty secluded. Has outhouses in designated campgrounds. The beachfronts are gorgeous but was very smokey due to fires

Birding and fishing

Very hot with little to no shade. The best part of this place is watching the birds of prey and the scenic canyon veiws. Fishing is pretty good here but people are rude and don't pack out their trash.

Bears lik dr. Pepper

Hotsprings, hiking, biking, fishing, and beautiful scenery. I love this place and all the wildlife. It can get busy but Its nice to spend the day fishing or hiking and end the day with a soak in the hot springs. Lots of bears in the area and they love dr pepper so hide your soda.

Good place to swim and boat

So hot and no shade. If it were not close to the water you may not have a way to beat the heat. It was beyond crowded and hard to find a secluded spot to camp away from others. Only pro is its close to town and you can swim, fish, and boat.

Fishing and more

Has designated campsites and primitive large campsites if you are willing to drive in a ways. Its a wonderful place to camp or just spend time fishing the day away.

No fire rings are in the primitive area so if you want fire and there is a ban your out of luck. Very limited shade

Hot no shade, great for rockhounds

Very hot with little shade. Large camping spots. Lots of cute little snakes. Great for star gazing and searching for thunder eggs

Beautiful place for campers of all kinds

Great places to hike, kayak, swim, or go boating. After 6pm motorized boats are not allowed on the water. It has cabins as well as tent sites. Not very secluded, to many people for my liking so if you dont want neighbors try another place. It does haave a little store which is nice.

Great for family camping trips and fishing

Great place to kayak and fish. Most camp spots are near the water. Camp spots are a bit to close to eachother for my liking, but great for family camping. Area has multipul outhouses. Lots of waterfowl and beautiful flower first come first serve. Campsites fillup fast