great place!

I stayed one night, I took a cabin instead of a campsite because of the nearby fires. The area was very clean and well maintained. The pool was wonderful to soak in. I arrived there on a Sunday afternoon, there was A LOT of traffic going down the mountain as I was going up, obviously it had been quite crowded on the weekend! However, it was nice and quiet for the rest of my stay.

Nice Hot Springs, but...

The campground leaves a lot to be desired.

The squirrels are out of control aggressive, worst I’ve had to contend with - ever. Make sure everything is secure in a bear canister &/or hung up off the ground, don’t even turn your back on your food! Seriously, they would climb up on opposite side of the picnic table just out of reach to try to get the food! somehow my plastIc cup went missing - I blame them!

The road surface through the campground is deep and very soft/fine dusty soil, any vehicle kicks up incredible amount of dust even at 2 mph.

The campsite itself was nice and clean, I was the only camper here on a weeknight. There were a lot of people coming in to camp to use the toilet in the late evening - likely dispersed campers from the area… they didn’t disturb me other than with the dust mentioned. The pit toilets were clean, but in not so great condition.

The hike to the nearby springs is about a 1/3 to half mile one way, steep descent down to the creek. But DEFINITELY worth the hike to the springs! (I only went to Penny Springs, I looked at the trail down to New Penny Springs and decided it was too steep!)

nice clean cg

I stayed here one night. It was a weeknight and very quiet - only one other site was occupied. The pit toilets were clean. There were no squirrels or other critters to try to steal my food! There is no water available there, so either bring your own or a filter.

West Mountain cg

I camped here one night in my tent. The cg was nice and clean. It’s interesting a Dry CG- but there are bathrooms with flush toilets, however no sinks in the bathroom! keep an eye on your food - the squirrels are all over!

Great Hot Springs, nice campground

I stayed here one weeknight. It was pretty crowded during the day with many people visiting the hot springs, but cleared out by evening. The bathrooms were relatively clean - considering the numbers of visitors during the day, however one was completely out of toilet paper, and the other was running very low (luckily I had my own)

At my campsite there wasn’t really anywhere that was a designated place for my tent - no completely level surface. I made the most of what I had available and was reasonably comfortable during the night. Multiple late night arrivals to camp made for poor sleep though - driving in with headlights then flashlights shining everywhere well after midnight while the new neighbors were setting up tents.

The hot springs were great! I didn’t soak in the ones right beside the campsites both because they were quite hot, but also because of the biting horseflies. But the area down the trail beside the river was great!