Laura C.
Boise, ID
Joined June 2019

So we figured out there are two entrances to this campground. We completely missed the campsites that were easy to get to but in my opinion going further up the road was well worth it. It was a bit sketchy going further into the campsite. I was able to do it in my honda civic but i bottomed out a bit so I reccomend a vehicle with higher clearance if you attempt to get up to the more private sites. We were the only ones who were up there and the view of Mt. Carmel was beautiful. We had a 360 degree view from where we camped. There was a few firepits in the area. No toilets or trash so pack in and pack out. Lots of wood to burn in the area. Oh yeah and there's 4g.

One of my favorite camping spots

Well shaded and beautiful. Theres a hike around the lake and also another hike you can do thats in the campgrounds. The hikes are gorgeous. My dog really enjoyed it here. It was shaded and there was a lot of beautiful flowers. Being here just puts me in a great mood. The spots are pretty private with picnic tables and a fire ring. Most of spots were also near the lake. Be sure to bring bug spray or citronella candles to keep away the mosquitos. 😁

Close quarters

The campsites were not very private and there was hardley any shade but that is to be expected in the Owyhees. Even though it wasnt terribly crowded at the end of March I still felt like I could see and hear everything the people 2 campsites away were saying and doing. There was some cool little places to walk to that werent very far. There is also boat access. Toilets were clean. Beware of ticks in non designated campsites below the dam if you venture off for the day. Snivley hot spring is located below the dam as well.


Me and boyfriend enjoy going here in the fall and spring to get away from the city for a day or two. There is hiking right across the street. Mt Heinen which is a very strenous hike. Its over 9 miles(up and back) and over a 3,000 ft gain so be prepared if you try to tackle this summit. Anyways, the campground has some fire pits but no picnic tables. There are a few trees for shade. One part of this campground that confuses me is that there use to be a small outhouse in summer of 2018 but when I came in 2019 in march and April there was not one? When we come in the fall and spring theres no one other than us there. In the summer it does get quite a few people there. Also it gets super hot in the summertime so be sure to bring plenty of water. Good thing is you can take a dip in the cold reservoir to cool off. There's no trash services so pack it in and pack it out. A lot of people come here to party and leave trash around so i make it a point to pick it up. Please don't be those people to ruin a beautiful free spot. πŸ’š


We did a lot of camping over a week and a half in different areas in Utah and this was my least favorite camping spot(We camped in other spots around Canyonlands and Arches). The smell was what bothered me the most… The outhouses stunk horribly. We could smell them from our campsite and we werent even the closest ones to them. Sites werent very private but we just parked our car in between the campsites for added privacy. It was shaded and cool in the afternoon. The perk of this site was that we got there around 8pm and there was still a spot for us. Its close to town, arches, and canyonlands. No water so bring your own.


Me and my boyfriend had went down through every campground on the way from Canyonlands looking for a campspot. We finally made it to this one. The particular site we were at had no shade but there were a few nicer spots that had a lot of shade so I'd reccomend getting there earlier than 6:30pm for a better spot. There were ants in the campsite but they didnt bother us. Outhouses were extremely clean and had no smell at all. We did happen to go a day they were doing a big rafting camping girls event so there was about 90 girls in their group camp area. The rafting guides were super nice and informed us what was up with all the kids running around. They even offered us some food. The girls were a bit noisey but as soon as quiet time hit i didn't hear a peep. But there was a really nice spot to dip in the river which was really refreshing after hiking all day.


We stayed in Loop A and where we were situated was perfect in the morning. The trees were covering our camp site. It was quiet even though it was a full campground. The bathrooms were nice and it even included sinks to wash your dishes and drinking water. Bathrooms were clean(not outhouses). The campsite was convient to the shuttle, vistors center, springdale, and a few trails. The only thing that i was bummed about was that we waited to long to make reservations and could only get one night. So plan ahead if you want to stay here. We booked ours two weeks in advance and that was the only spot available.