Lance R.
Seattle, WA
Joined June 2018
With three kiddos under the age of six, my wife and I still like to kick it outdoors and give our little ones a childhood of adventure!
Fish cleaning station, beautiful views and sunsets

Great fishing on the lake and gorgeous sunsets. Short ferry ride across the river to even more beautiful country.

Tide pools, killer views, and a stellar Drive-in movie theater!

This is our go-to family camping area for october-June trips. It is never too cold and it has a lot to offer. The campgrounds are within walking distance to a beautiful sandy beach complete with tide pools! We also like to hit up the local drive in movie theater for a little classic entertainment (Blue Fox Drive-in) and cheap greasy cheesy fry delicacies ;). Beautiful views and small hikes along the coastlines. Definitely an iconic Washington coastal camping area, but without the long drive to the penninsula.

Great last minute, no reservation necessary

We went last minute with three families comprising of about 10 kids and 6 adults! great family campground with a little 1 mile hike to views of the mountain. Each camping spot has a place to park, a table, fire pit, and a bounty of beautiful stumps and logs from the old growth forest. As expected, you’ll see and be near other campers. However, the trees are thick and we felt plenty of privacy. Great go-to weekend place to camp!

Snowy in June

We went in mid June and hit snow about 1 mike past Lena Lake. We continued another mile crossing several downed trees and snow patches before deciding to turn back. BEAUTIFUL views on the way up the hillside to the lake though. Lookong forward to finishing out the hike later on in the summer. The campground is covered in snow most of June.

Easy, yet rewarding!

Lena Lake campground offers a rewarding view after a steady climb up meandering switchbacks. Started at the trailhead around 6 pm and made it to the campground around dusk. We were pleased to be greeted by a couple of somewhat overly friendly mountain goats on the way, and saw fish surface for bugs on the lake as the sun went down. There are several campgrounds surrounding the lake, complete with locking bathrooms (no flush toilets or water). The only downside is that this lake can attract a lot of campers on weekends, so if you go on a Friday night bring enough trail mix to share!