Kyrie G.

medford, OR

Joined July 2018

Perfect camping spot

probably my favorite camping spot and so much to do. Only a 45 min drive from Medford, OR. Clean and well kept campground, bathrooms, and showers. Large campground for tents, RVs, and group camping. Lots of access points to the lake. Trail that you can hike or bike around the lake. I did not have service with Verizon, but my friends who had US Cellular had nice cell service. Even though it was super smoky due to the wildfires, it was still a very nice place to camp if you don’t mind the smoke, which is only a problem during fire season (July-September). This place will always be my go-to for camping, hiking, biking, and paddle boarding.

Remote, crowded, and noisy

This park wasn’t terrible, but it will definitely not make my favorites list. It is pretty remote so make sure you have everything you need before you head out. It’s very family friendly but not in a good way. There were probably more kids than adults there and they were running around in the road and not watching the cars and it was just stressful trying to navigate through the campsite and not hit someone. Even though the campsite is remote, it sits right by the road and there was a surprising amount of noisy traffic even at night. There were flushing toilets but they didn’t work well and the bathroom wasn’t horrible, but I wish it had been cleaner. The guidebook that we found this campsite in said there was hiking and even a close waterfall, but we were so unimpressed with the spot and the people that were there that we just decided to peace out without checking out the area. Overall, it wasn’t horrible and maybe it was just that certain weekend that we went, but definitely will not be going back.

Clean, beautiful, and lots to do!

First of all, I’m not giving this place 5 stars only because I wish there were more bigger spots for group camping, but other than that, this place is awesome!!! The park employee that checked us in was the nicest park employee that I have ever met and she was very helpful too. The bathrooms are flush toilets which were nice and clean, I didn’t get a chance to use the showers, however, I’m just glad they had them and I’d like to assume that they are just as nice and clean as the bathrooms. The majority of the sites had some greenery or shrubs to add a little privacy to each spot which is nice. The beach is a shortish walk from the campsite and I understand now how this place got its name…We watched the sun go down over the bay and it was just the perfect spot. The bay, while still part of the ocean was very calm and makes a great spot for swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking, etc. Up the hill from the campsite is a beautiful botanical garden which you can get in for free with your camping sticker. Behind the gardens is an amazing view of the ocean from the cliffs and a short hike will take you down to another beach/bay area. Also, from the garden, if you drive about 1 mike further, you will reach Simpson? reef which is covered in sea lions but make sure you bring a zoom lens for this one. This is my new favorite beach camping spot and will definitely be planning summer trips here from now on. Also, bring warm layers, the wind and temp drop at night can make for some pretty chilly weather especially if the state bans campfires due to the wildfires which happened to us but we made do.