Krystle L.

San Diego, CA

Joined June 2018

Place to get away and enjoy nature

There is no cell reception and the Navi will not work so be prepared and have printed directions/map. The signs to get there are limited so keep an eye out and follow the paper plates with the arrows on them. You will eventually arrive to this little oasis. Once you cross the bridge you will hear the sound of the water as it flows over the multi colored stones that shape this gorgeous river. The water is crystal clear….but it’s cold! We stayed at campsite #48 which was very roomy and had plenty of space to accommodate 2-3 tents. The site was close to the water but you could not see the stream from the campsite. At night we could hear the water as it flowed over the boulders. Very peaceful! All the other campers were all so friendly and nice. There is a walking path that follows the river through the campground which makes for a easy stroll along the river with some great lookout decks. We saw a lot of small trout swimming in the river. To small to catch. We even spotted a bob cat as it was crossing the river at sunset. Only downside to our stay was the yellow jackets. We got swarmed by them anytime tried to cook. No Exaggeration easily 100+ jackets swarming our bbq while tried to cook our dinner. We got relief from them down by the water so following night made sandwhiches and had picnic by the river. Come to find out there was a hive located in a stump in our campsite. Had we have know before setting up all of camp we would have moved to different site. Only suggestion is to scout out your site first before setting up and bring some yellow jacket traps just to be on safe side. Would like to go back again and next time get site #50 as it was closest to the water. TIP: Visit Cooks Station before getting to campground. Great food and best deal on wood. $25 for six bundles. It is located off main road 88 and is not to far from the turn off to get to pipi which is omo ranch road. Once turn onto omo ranch road it is another 5miles to the campground.

Great Campground

We stayed during the week to avoid the crowds. The first night we had some neighbors but rest of our stay there were only a handful of campers. Our site was #56 which had a partial view of the lake through the trees in the distance. It was also located directly across from the bathrooms and campground host who’s name was David. He was very friendly and accommodating. The bathrooms are clean and the showers have hot water. Cost $1 per token for the showers. Only downside to being so close to bathrooms were that other campers are not as curtious when comes to closing the bathroom door quietly at night so be prepared to hear the door slamming all night long. There was beach access from the campground by a moderate walk down the trail. The campground is close to a lot of day excursions in Emerald Bay. My suggestion hike to Lower and Upper eagle falls and continue onto Eagle Lake. The views are breathtaking! definitely a highlight of our trip. It is only a ten min drive to the Eagle Falls from the campground and about a 20 min drive to town. The campground is dog friendly but dogs are only allowed on the paved road; no trails or scenic view points. Overall very nice campground.

Very Nice campground / Close to the town

We stayed here last summer. It was out first camping trip to Idyllwild. The drive up to the campground is very pretty. We loved stopping in the town and checking out all the little shops. The campground itself was only about a ten min drive from town. There is a nice check in area just before get into the campground. The rangers are very friendly and helpful. The campsite is gorgeous. Has a mixture of tall pines and manzanita trees. There was plenty of shade at our campsite which was a site that had lot of pine trees. The bathrooms are nice; they are vault but they are cleaned out regularly so there is no smell. The surrounding area around the campground has lots of trails to go hiking on. The campground is also dog friendly. We stayed in Campsite #43 which was close to the bathroom. But it also meant everyone was cutting through our site to get to it; even in the middle of the night. Next time we will choose a spot further from the restrooms. Overall had a great trip here.

Lakeside camping in San Diego

We have camped here for years and have only stayed at the original campground which is Chambers Park. It has been a couple years since last camped here; but we visit this lake multiple times a year. Always a good time fishing and enjoying the views; Deer and Wild Turkey frequent the surrounding area. There is also an equestrian trail not to far from the campground. If looking to do a horseback ride around the lake contact Adventures on Horseback and speak to Deb. Highly recommended! (must have a minimum of 4 riders as they trailer the horses there) The Diner is a must for some Julian apple pie. The staff is always friendly and food always hits the spot.

In regards to the campground there is a picnic table and small little BBQ that are provided; There is a port a pot right by the campsite. There are some trees for shade but some sites are a little more in the sun. Open flame fires are not allowed. At night it gets chilly and do get visits from the local raccoons so make sure your food is put away in your car and trash around your site is picked up. It does get windy around the lake but at nights it normally calms down. Now that we have a little one we prefer to camp up the road at one of the other campground that is more protected from the wind and fires are allowed. You can also rent Condo and Cabins right at the lake which is perfect for fall/winter months as the condos have a fireplace. The campground is dog friendly but dogs must remain on the leash and away from the waters edge. Dogs are only allowed at the campsite. There are also boats for rent. Insider tip: after 12pm check for half day rates; if boats are not rented they will normally give you a good deal for a half day rental.

Great campground not to far from the lake

We had a quick little 1 night trip here for Mother's Day weekend. The campground is gorgeous with views of Stonewall Peak. We stayed in campsite #19 which had plenty of room with lots of shade. Best part was that there is a clearing with a meadow right behind the campsite which was perfect little area to have the kiddos explore with out wandering to far from camp. The site provided a picnic table, fire ring and there was also a water spout. The trash cans were just a few feet from the site and the bathrooms were a short walk just a couple spots away. Bathrooms were clean; would suggest bringing a headlight for night time bathroom visits. Best sites we thought were #83-85 as provided the most privacy.

We spent the day at Lake Cuyamaca which is just a five min drive from the campground. There is a little general store there and a restaurant. Great place to fish even though we didnt have any luck this time. Spotted a pair of bald eagles while at the lake. The campground is dog friendly but the surrounding area is not. Dogs are not allowed on the trails; however, they are allowed on the fire road and picnic area. Next time we come back we will leave the dogs at home so can hike the trails from the campground that lead up to Stonewall Peak.

Primitive Camping / Amazing Views

Took the family for a little adventure at Boulder Basin Campground. The Campground is set off the main highway about 5 miles and only accessible if have a suv or truck as it is a switchback dirt road. Trailers would not be able to make this trek. Pretty primitive; there are no park rangers. They do come around occasionally throughout the morning and mid day but that is it. The cell reception is not the best but that was just what we were wanting to get out of cell service range and in touch with great outdoors. Since the campground is pretty remote the bathrooms are not as cleaned as often as other campgrounds. So if you go I would suggest bringing your own portable bathroom. Make sure to bring your own water as someone had to steal the campground pump; hopefully it will get fixed but just bring your own water just in case. Was an incredible trip with some of the most spectacular views. Lots of things for the kids to explore and climb on. A hike to the lookout tower for sunset is truly magical. The campground and surrounding area is very dog friendly.