Kristina H.
Tacoma, WA
Joined June 2017
Could have been nice....

Whatever you do don't camp at site #2 the campground is okay but the other people where pretty much on top of us because it's all so close together. No place for a hammock and no trees at this site it's literally two logs and a bush the whole thing is gravel without a smooth spot to set up your tent. All the other sites had nice grass. They really need to get rid of number 2.

not that it matters when you camp but just so you know there is no cell phone service. Let your family know so they don't worry.

Lots of room and privacy

This place was great they had a ton of room and lots of trees between put campsite and the others. The lot was mostly sandy and the tent area was very flat. There was a woodsy area behind the site where kids could play. The bathrooms are fancy out houses no place to wash hands. Lots of bugs in the evening. To get to the lake you drive up to where it says boat launching site.

there is also a near by marina where you can rent fishing boats for 25$ and hour.

we had a great time.

Family friendly. No privacy

Very family friendly they have a (very) small playground. Lots of room for kids to ride bikes. There is almost no privacy though it's really just open fields with tents. My friend and I camped at site 11 which is considered walk in. We carried are stuff 200 feet and it was probably the most secluded spot but still not really private.

Nice location

We camped here while doing the 24 hour adventure race because it was close to tacoma. They don't allow people in after 10pm we got there at 955pm and the gate was closed and we have to talk to the park ranger to get it.