Awesome place to stay.

The campground is right on the PCT and near the McKenzie Pass. Stayed there to meet up with a friend who was through hiking the PCT and it was a great place to meet up and bring her food!

Secluded Campground right off the highway

Great place to shack up for the night, it's right off the highway but not very crowded. The lake disappears in summer so go early!

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Great View

There's such a great view of Mt Washington from the campground.

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One of my favorite little sites

I love this campground because it's tucked away off of the highway and doesn't have a lot of people. It's one of the few campgrounds that is actually run by the forest service, so there's no camp host running around in a golf cart all day. The trail by the creek is really nice and the fish hatchery is cool to check out; biggest trout I've ever seen in my life.

Lots of People

This campground is really cool and has great views of the lake, but it's a madhouse during the summer. Massive campers or big trucks pulling boats are at every site and there's dozens of kids running around. If you've got a family and toys it's a great place, but avoid it if you are looking for solitude. Lastly there is good cell reception, which is really rare in the area.

Magical Green Forest

Humbug campground is one of my favorite in the area. Breitenbush creek flows next to it so you can hear the churning water all night. That area receives a ton of winter rain and the vegetation is so lush it feels like a rain forest. If you want to camp in this area and avoid all the commotion of camping right on Detroit lake, this is the best place to do it. It fills up really fast on the weekends though, so reserve early or go on a weekday.

Awesome Campground for Lava Viewing

This is a really neat place to camp. It's situated on the east side of Clear Lake, which formed when a lava flow dammed the McKenzie River. The campground is actually built on the lava flow, so it's really cool for checking out rocks. The campground is right off a highway, so it's easily accessible, but isn't near the road so traffic noise isn't bad. The campground itself is pretty large and popular on the weekends, so reserve a spot early or avoid it if you don't like crowds. There is a decent amount of space and vegetation between sites, so you don't feel too crowded.