Kirsten J.
Greensboro , NC
Joined July 2018
My partner and I enjoy camping with our kids and traveling as much as possible!
RV settlement - minimal available camping

Lazy Days campground is located right off highway 12 in the Outer Banks, located right behind a self-storage unit.  It has a handicapped accessible bath house.  There were only RV's here when we came in April, with a maximum of between 15-20 sites.  

Due to flags and signage, my family would never stay at this campground.  We like to check out options for the summer months when we want a beach get-away.  This would not be it.

Sound front campsites with rental equipment available!

Rodanthe Watersports Campground is both a campground and a rental site. The campground is small - about 25 sites or so, some near trees while others are soundfront. This campground offers unbeatable, gorgeous sunsets - which make up for the closeness in proximity to your neighbor.

As we pulled in, we noticed a sign - which informs you that you pay by the person at this campground. We also noticed kayaks, surfboards and stand up paddle boards for rent! The rental hut was precious and the employee just as kind as can be.

Some of the sites had campfire rings, but most did not. We found out later you had to request one when booking if you wanted one…live and learn! We also learned you could have a bonfire on the beach (with a permit), which made up for that.

RV and tent sites were both offered, yet either way, you were within earshot of your neighbor. All that aside, we would come back for the sunsets alone. They were FANTASTIC!

Great campground just steps from the ocean - with views of the Lighthouse!

Oregon Inlet Campground is located on the Cape Hatteras National Seashore. It is the first campground found on the island, very close to Nags Head, on the beach side of route 12.

We prefer campgrounds like Oregon Inlet, because they are natural and have beautiful scenery. We love being within steps of the ocean and being able to stare at the tip of the lighthouse (Bodie Island - you can tell by the direction of the stripes!) through the dunes. The Outer Banks also has some amazing stars - we watched a meteor shower which was incredible!!

Oregon Inlet Campground has a loop (Loop A) which only allows tent camping. Most of the sites are pretty close together (many too close for our comfort) but there are a couple that are tucked back in the dunes and a bit further away from the rest.

This campground has free hot showers - just pull the ring and nice warm water runs for about 20 seconds before shutting off. Outside the bathhouse there is a water fountain that has a water bottle fill up station - which is SO nice at the beach!!! We were able to refill waterbottles easily - with water we felt good about drinking! It also did not have the salty taste that many beach water fountains do!

Ranger Review - Wenzel sleeping bags, clean campsite close to the beach!

North Beach Campground is located behind a gas station and a small general store, that has everything you could possibly need! It is part hard ware store, part bait and tackle shop and has many beach and cooking items available.

The campsites are small sites, with picnic tables for each. There is a small pool with many permanent RV sites. A couple pull through RV sites are available, as well as grassy sites immediately behind the store, close to the laundry room. The bath house is located right off the beach, only steps from a beautiful, quiet, peaceful beach!

We were here in April, 2019 and the weather was fantastic! We had come on the heels of a strong wind/rain storm and sites were dry and the facilities were clean. Traditionally, this is not our style campground, but in a pinch, we would camp here again. Waking up on the ocean is priceless - and the sunsets in the Outer Banks were fantastic!

As a ranger for The Dyrt, I occasionally get to test products on our adventures. Our kiddos were able to try out their new Wenzel sleeping bags this week. They both enjoyed their sleeping bags quite a bit, staying nice and toasty in the evenings with 50 degree weather. They were warm, the kids said "soft and fluffy" and especially loved the mummy style, which was new for both of them.

After sleeping in these bags for a week, we are able to discuss 2 challenges that presented themselves. First of all, our 9 year old slept half in and half out one night and the next morning she could not zip back up the bag herself. The zipper is challenging to rezip after coming completely unzipped - and the material on the inside catches in the zipper. But yet, a challenge grown ups could easily take care of. Secondly, our 6 year old had an accident one night on/in his sleeping bag - which easily wiped up - and then washed out beautifully in a front load washer (NOT at this campground). I was pleased with the way the sleeping bag fared after being washed - which is not always the case! I would recommend these sleeping bags to anyone looking for a warmer sleeping bag for their kids. It is rated until 30 degrees and we look forward to trying them in colder weather!

Rural campground on a creek

This campground is located in Rosman NC, west of Brevard. We camped here as a base camp for day hikes in the area. It is very wooded, in a valley with a creek running alongside the tent camping sites. The scenery is gorgeous and horses and chickens were sweet. The tent sites are small, smaller than average park campsites. We woke to the smell of our neighbor smoking and coughing throughout the night.

The facilities are good, nice hot water in sinks and showers. Clean bathrooms etc. We also had a spigot and plug near our campsite if we needed them. The people were extremely friendly and kind.

We like for our kids to be able to run, play and explore while camping and this was not the site for that. Across the creek is a busy road which was not busy during the night, but had constant travel during the day.

Remote, quiet campground on the stream - options for the whole family!

Black Bear Resort was about an hour from Boone NC. We had come to camp and do some section hiking of the Appalachian Trail. This campground was nice in many ways - there was a variety of camping available, from different homes/cabins to rent, to a bunkhouse, RV sites in the very back of the facility and tent sites down by the stream.

We were camping in early June, it was very quiet - in fact, we were the only tent campers! We camped down by the stream in tents and hammocks - close enough to be able to hear the trickle of the water all night long!

When we first pulled in, we were greeted by a gentleman on a golf cart. He offered to help us shuttle our supplies to the creek. We were car camping, but able to carry our supplies easily on the stone walkways. We walked past the one room cabins (most had 2 sets of bunk beds inside) and down to the creek edge where we set up camp.

We loved this campsite, due to the close nature to the water, easy accessibility for swimming, flush toilets and hot showers, the lack of poison ivy (at least that we ran into) and remote feeling provided.

This campground is good for the entire family. My extended family that RV camps could have stayed here with us, as well as other friends and family who prefer warm beds in cabins and houses. We'll surely be back!

Campground on a creek with great hiking and a pool!

This campground is one of our favorites. It is located in Roan Mountain Tennessee. The campground has clean bathhouses with hot showers. It also has several events at it throughout the year, like trick or treat in the campground and the Rhododendron Festival.

The campground has a creek between some of the sites. It is not easily accessible, but sounds great from inside your tent. There are both tent and RV sites - mostly private sites due to heavy shrubbery. The loop is perfect for kids to ride scooters and bikes. We enjoy hiking at Carver's Gap (at the top of the mountain) and hiking up to Jane Bald and Round Bald - fantastic views!

Wooded, shady campground near a lake!

Julian Price Park is a beautiful campground just off the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina. We enjoy this campground on the weekends throughout the fall and spring as it is less occupied. Reservations can be made on-line or walk up to the small building in the front of the loop. The campsites are separated into several loops. One loop is closer to the lake, the other loop has more availability and quite a range of campsites.

Bathrooms are available here (upgrades coming soon!) as well as drinking water.

Remote, peaceful, grassy campground on the lake!

Four Mile Creek State Park Campground was a beautiful ride to the end of the road - meaning people didn't camp here by accident. We stayed 3 nights on a beautiful flat, grassy site with lots of room for kids to play and neighbors at a distance that we could wave and greet, but didn't know what they ate for dinner!

Beautiful campground with clean bathhouses. There were 2 working hot showers on the 300 loop that we camped on. Push the button - have hot water for about 30 seconds, then push again - we were very thankful! Water spigots were plentiful and there was a dumpster for trash not far from our site.

We did see a bobcat and a skunk within 10 minutes of arriving so we knew animals were around, but we didn't have a problem with them.

The sunset view over the lake was phenomenal. This campground may be 11 hours from our house - but we will surely be back!!

Quiet, shady, calm campground.

Lake Powhatan is a clean, shady campground south of Asheville NC. We initially chose this campground because of the lake! After setting up camp and walking to the lake, we realized it was a very small lake. We set up our tent on a terraced site just off the road and set up a dog run between trees. This was a very private site - perfect for both our dogs and kids! The bathrooms were clean and the loops were hilly which made for a nice walk to the dumpster. We could walk from our site directly to the lake. The sand was nice to play in and the water was very, very warm. The kids enjoyed playing in the warm water before walking back to our campsite for a fire. The campsites varied between level and green and more uneven sites that would be challenging for either a tent or an RV to camp at.

Very small elevated campground with great stars!

Mount Mitchell Campground is located on Mount Mitchell. You need to hike into each campsite, passing the previous campsite on your way. You camp on a fairly level slab as you get higher on the mountain so as you pass people, your campsite is above them. It feels very remote and would be challenging for older people and people who have difficulty walking. Flushable toilets are available at this campground.

We love the quiet and the stars of Mount Mitchell. We have hiked up Mount Mitchell to the highest point - but beware of Weevil mating season! One of our trips ended badly (late July) due to our poor timing lining up with Weevil mating season. Small black bugs were everywhere, covering every inch of ground and our clothing during our hike.

Local favorite, easily accessible for families

This campground is located just NW of Winston Salem. The campground is mostly wooded and shady with many rocks. Water and trash are readily available. The bath house is extraordinarily clean, with showers, changing area and clean toilets and sinks. Fire pit and picnic tables are at every site - yet many sites are close together and very rocky for tent camping.

We enjoy hiking to the top from the campground on well marked trails. The views are great and boulders are fun for the kids to play on!

Remote, gorgeous, starry campsite!

Remote, quiet family friendly campground. It is a basic campground with both tent sites and hook-ups. We enjoy tent camping here on the large field where fireflies light up the night sky! There are sites that are close to water so you can fall asleep listening to the gurgle of the creek - and sites near the woods. The bathhouse includes toilets and sinks with a hand dryer. You can drive to the falls or drive to the visitor center and hike to the falls - a great campground!

Popular campground for locals and weekenders - great little hikes!

Hanging Rock campground is a popular spot for locals and visitors. It has both hook-ups and tent sites, with bath houses that provide showers, toilets and sinks. This campground is within walking distance to the lake - with a little beach where the kids can play and swim! There is a charge to swim in the lake, as well as rowboat rentals available! We enjoy hiking several trails in the area and there are many creeks for kids to explore! Several waterfalls are accessible in this park and enjoyed by all! Trails show signs of heavy traffic as pieces of trash are often found while hiking. The campground is kept very clean and we enjoy it!

Quiet and remote with a great playground for the kids!

Beartree is a remote campground, far off the road, and a ways from town - well worth the ride! It is very quiet, exceptionally clean and we really enjoyed our three day stay. We especially enjoyed the level campsites and the sturdy picnic tables. The kids really enjoyed the playground and walking near the lake. There was no one else at the lake (no other visitors nor employees) during our visit but that could have been due to the time of year (September). We enjoyed camping here and loved quiet.

Quiet, starry with many fireflies!

We love using this campground as our basecamp. We enjoy hiking with the wild ponies, so we camp at the campground and then day hike up with the kids. You can hike to see wild ponies and hike to blueberry bushes! The campground is clean, offering lots of space for kids to run and play. We enjoy camping on the big field so we have a clearing to see stars at night. They offer camper hookups and tent camping - composting toilets with sinks are available as well.

Remote, quiet and gorgeous!

We camp at Cades Cove annually with our entire family. The campground is at the beginning of the Cades Cove Loop, but far enough away that the visitors at the campground came intentionally, filtering out many first time weekenders. The campsites are clean and most of the sites are level, having newly constructed tent pads on most sites. The bathhouses are clean, offering toilets, sinks and an electrical socket. A campstore, grill and ranger station are all found at this campground. Wednesday and Saturday mornings, the loop is closed to motor vehicles in the morning to allow bikers to safely ride the loop. We highly recommend this campground!