New cabins next to blackberries!

We loved the new cabin we rented in this beautiful park. A hiking trail ran behind the cabins, past the campground (also new) to the tunnel. It is a great hike and even better when you use the ski lift going up :) The tunnel is at the base of a massive rock and a train drives through it very slowly each day.

We drove 2 hours to canoe the Clinch River which was great fun and we got to see a lot of the area.

The caves are mammoth!

We enjoyed this park so much, we are headed back! We stayed in the cute yellow with green shutter cabins nearly in the parking lot. It got hot during the day…no A/C in the cabins, but we headed underground to keep cool.

I loved the educational talks each night which was a close walk from cabins and campground. Watching the bats fly above us as the sun set during the talks was a plus.

The Visitor's Center is crowded! Tours fill up fast! So, book your tours ahead of time via the website and save yourself that headache. There are restaurants next to the Visitor's Center if you want to dine out.

Going back 3rd summer in a row!

This park is like a summer camp…happenin', yet relaxing. There's the nature, lots of it. You will see deer along the road and you can hike to see and play in 4 waterfalls in one afternoon. There is the Lodge with a Sunday breakfast buffet or the village with the pool, diving boards, ropes course with zip lines. At night, enjoy the summer concerts in the amphitheater. We entered in a Connect4 contest which was a lot of fun and highly competitive. If you like golf, there's a course for that.

We stayed in the A loop which has a huge playground in the middle. This is fantastic if you have children or you really like children. I suggest one of the other loops if you want quieter nights. The children played with flashlights in the field until about 10, so there's that. All this makes it a favorite park and campground for my kids.