Kevin Z.
River Hills, WI
Joined May 2019
Enjoy family camping (3 kids + 2 Adults + Dog), backpacking, and leading Scout trips. Also enjoy photography and cooking while enjoying the outdoors.
A Unique Slice of Wisconsin

We chose to stay at Kohler-Andrae state park on Memorial Day weekend as it's close to Milwaukee (home).  This camping trip was for our family of five plus a (crazy) dog.  We reserved our site well in advance (9 mos).  We were tent and hammock camping, and situated at the far east of the campground.  The camp sites are pretty close together with not much between sites, but they were sized to fit a large tent and had enough room for us all.

There are a couple of miles of trails at this park, and I think we covered them all, some are though the woods, another through a marsh and few that straddle the beach.  One of the most unique parts of this park are the sand dunes, and the trails through the dunes are actually boardwalk trails.  None of the hikes were strenuous, and all trails were very well maintained.  But we found ourselves completing all the hikes about 1.5 days into the camp, but we were all happy to just go back our site and relax.

Overall we had a great time, and were happy to choose this park.  The unique landscapes were well worth it, and I think we'll be back for some day hikes during different seasons, or to just hang out at the beach.  A few drawbacks, the park is small(er), and the sites are pretty open to the world.  But if you're looking for a short jaunt from Milwaukee - this is a great option.