Wonderful Southern Oregon Coast

I had no idea the Southern Oregon coast could offer so much . But way up here on the Sixes river it feels very remote.

The campground is dry , no water..but the sites are very well laid out with plenty space.

Had a few restful nights up here with the river and the stars as company.

Recommended place for solos or couples. Kids might get bored. But great for peace and quiet

Nice riverside sites

Nice easy going campground under big Doug Firs and right on the river.

Its hard to get a site right on the river  but if you do its amazing.

Its pretty peacful after 9 PM..not much road noise from 46..liked it here during the week kits a good place for a solo camper. Weekends great for families.

No cell

Seems Remote

I have found this campground fills up less than tbe others in the area..so if your up here in high summer i would check here first.

It seems more remote than it really is so its nice and quiet..with a creek nearby.

Has a couple excellent sites and a bunch of mediocre ones that would do well for camper trucks

Nice Camp Sites at the very back

Camped here a few times over the years..most of the sites are very open with no privacy but if you go right to the back on the right there are a couple of sites off the road and the back is the mountain..36 is a good one.

But its a wonderful place to stay anyway.

A few years back me and the wife did the trek up to the viewing place..its a really rough climb so be fit..but the scene provided was breathtaking..wonderful

Nice and always available

We have camped at Alder Dunes a few times, its seems to be one of those places that always has at least a couple spots available even  at hiliday weekends

First time i camped here i had just moved to Oregon and against the advice of my wife ( a native Oregonian) decided to take off Friday on a Labor Day weekend to camp at the coast..as you can well imagine it was a disaster..by 6 PM we pulled into Alder Dune ( had been on the go since 10 am)..and lo and behold they had a spot.

Wonderful.next to the highway but the dense vegetation dulls the roar.

Some nice trails, grounds well kept..the sites themselves are very varied you can get a huge comfortable site the same price as a squeezed in horrible one.

Mostly good

Wonderful Beach

Camped here in May and managed to get one of the 2 Yurts available.

This is RIGHT ON 101  its a mere sliver of forest between 101 and the beach.

The yurt was amazing and at least kept the road noise to a miniumum.

The reason to come here is the magnificent almost empty beach..its breath taking great.

We strolled around the campground and it seemed to me they got it all wrong, they had the RV sites nearest the beach and furthest from 101..while the poor tenters were right up against the highway.

As a tenter there is no way i would stay here it would be unbearable without ear plugs, they should have the big RVs next to the road as tbhey dont hear a thing inside and the tents next to the beach.

But still a well maintained fanily campground with a beautiful empty beach

Lava Tube. Lost lake

There appears to be some confusion over "Lost Lake campgrounds", there are more than one in Oregon.

One in Mt Hood and this one on the Santiam Pass area.

This one is a few spacious ,nice campsites spaced out around  seasonal lake.

The lake dissapears down some lava tubes under the surface, so by high summer there is just a swamp with some pools.

Nice place to see wild life,

There is a couple of vault toilets buts its a long walk from most campsites during the night.

very peaceful even if its just off the main highway.

Average Coastal RV type park

I have stayed here a few times mostly when the kids were younger, but recently stayed here in a Yurt.

Its basicalky a RV type place..crowded sites, no privacy  and tons of screaming kids.

Its clean and there are some trails ( one very easy ) to the beach which is quite nice.

The hosts are excellent if busy.

The Yurt was great , but be prepared for the fog horns going off all night on the jetty.

Good for RVs and kids,

Tidy Park

Me and my daughter did some tent camping here in August.

  We got massive space in the trees overlooking the lake, quite private. 

 Some of the larger spaces are quite open for tents, but everyone seemed to be having a great time.

 Great family camp ground. and near the town of Shady Cove for groceries. And not far to Crater Lake.

Nice place.

Breathtaking Night Sky

Lovely little tent only( i guess you could get a camper up here).

This place was closed for the longest time and i think people forgot it was there when it re-opened.

Every time i have went its just me or one other camper.

Love it, but its bear country so be careful with your food.

The night sky up here is simply breathtaking..wonderful,

Strange and weird

I had always wanted to camp here , so this summer i got my chance.

The place was mostly empty even in July, and there were some strange characters around.

It wasnt paticularly beautiful, but OK i guess.

I dont kno why i just didnt like it here.

Southside Detroit lake

Nice campground, but many sites can be very diferent from crowded to nice and private,

Can fill up fast during summer  , but you can usually find a spot during the week.

Toilets are very nice here.

Hists perfect. 

Good family campground

Lovely Lake

We were down in Southern Oregon for the Caves.

 We stayed in the Heron loop which was the smallest and most primitive, It was wonderful and we had the whole south of the lake to ourselves. Firewood here is not bundled and since it was off season we got a huge amount for$5. The hosts were terrific. This was a wonderful quiet stay.

 Will always be back.

This year it was pretty spendy for a tent site $24

Top of the pass

Camp ground is high up over 4700 feet so even in the summer it tends to get a little chilly at night but not bad.

This is a medium busy campground right on the maon road, but its never too noisy after dark.

The place is very clean and the vault toilets well looked after and not stinky!

The spaces are a good size and the ones for tent camping are at the back of the loop.

Not much trails but you can find something to do. 

One of my best nights camping was ip here. During the week late summer, Huge full moon, then the coyotes began to yip/howl..magnificent


Nice free camp ground.

Have to becafreful and not pass the road you need to take off 26.

The road to the campground goes through private ranch lands then up into the forest.

The road is paved but has a few cattle grids and often times cattle laying on the road, but they move .

This place is never really busy even in the summer, but there is often a couple of sites taken.

Some nice trails lead off from the back of the site.

This is a nice place just to get away and miraculously i get a couple of bars on my AT&T cel.

Couple of very nice spots

I loved campng here this summer. 

Its free and the road is pretty rough, but i managed to get the old beater Grand Caravan up there..carefully but it can be done.

Like others have said there was a major wild fire run right through the area, but its beginning to recover.

The 2 bests spots with magnificent views over the lake are at the very top of the campground.

You can easily walk around the small lake , its an easy comfortable hike.

Talking about hikes one of the main entry points the the PCT is just don from the camp ground..most weekends in the summer there is a lot of activity there

Very Quiet.

I love this place, its usually quiet even in Summer and has no cell service whatsoever.

A great place to wander around, do some trails near by then settle down by the campfire with a good book,

It is only a few 100 yards from 22 but you cant really hear much traffic.

My favorite thing to do here on a summer night is to take my chir down beside the hatchery and just watch the stars. Magical

One bad thing i have found is its not well patrolled and now and again some homelsss people take a site..but they seem cool.

Great Lake Views

A stunningly beautiful camp ground when the Detroit lake is not drawn down.

This is a very nice smaller camp ground its is the best for the south side of the lake in my opinion.

Sites are quite spacious though not very private.

The small walk in sites for smaller tents are much more private and have the greatest vews of the lake.

This is another busy summer time family campground but in the spring and fall its quiet and perfect for the solo camper.

There is water available and the hiosts have firewood.

Only bad thing is they close the gates at 10 PM..so be back from the Cedars Lounge in Detroit before then!

Beautiful and Peaceful

This is an excellent little campground just a few miles up FS RD 46 from Detroit.

It can get busy during Summer weekends but mid week you can usually find a nice spot.

The sites are very spacious but at the same time many are very private.

I usually try to get one down by the river. The sound of the rushing water is very calming.

Has water, and vault toilets that are usually kept quite clean.

Highly recommened for families and the solo camper.

Right on Highway 22

Its actually quite a nice campground if you can get some of the spaces right on the Lake.

But you are going to have to book well in advance s this is a very busy place all Summer.

If you dont get a space on the lake you have to camp right beside 22 and this is a very busy roa especially for big semi trucks, so if your in a tent dont expect a peaceful nights sleep ( i bring ear plugs).

This is the kind of place were folks come to party, so if your into that its cool.