Beautiful camping spots!

Beautiful place to camp! Lets start with the downsides: reserve early as it fills up quick for summer, during the summer there are burn bans and you will need a propane fire pit or no fire at all, the jet noise can be overwhelming and until the late hours of the night for someone who isn’t used to it, if you are tryIng to party at the campsIte the park rangers wIll come and tell you to be quite after quIte hours whIch Is 10pm. The great things about the park: beautiful place to camp, short walk to the water to dip your feet in the freezing water, beautiful views, quite, bathrooms are usually close and have runnIng water and hot showers for a small price, water spickets to clean dishes usually near by, a lake near by to fresh water fish and beach with shallow water for the kids to swim, overall great place to camp! Camped here a lot so pictures are from 3 different times.

Great beach stay!

Had two cabins right next to each other. The only bad things about this camping stay: was only one table with bench seats between the two cabins the tent campIng there seemed lIke the tents were rIght on top of each other but then again we dId not tent camp and the flies, so many flies! Bring an electric fly swatter and let the kids go to town! The great things about this stay : great view, beds to sleep in, toilet in the cabin, water spicket to clean stuff, hidden shower in the trees, fire pit and literally a min walk from the beach. I would definitely go camping there again!