Kenneth L.
Saint Charles, MO
Joined May 2019
Motorcyclist fly fishermen and consumers of small quantities of alcohol in wonderful settings when possible.
Peaceful pleassures in the desert mountains.

Staying at Rincon Country East has proved to be a fantastic choice for us.  The level of silence both day and especially night is a bit of heaven.  Thoughtfull staff and campers makes for a most pleasant stay.  The mountain views greet us constantly here.  Mount Lemmon is a short drive or bike ride away with snow capped top and great food offerings.  Skying is possible for those with young legs.  The bike situation in Tucson is the finest we have encountered.  Our electric bikes can run forever on the well paved trails all over the county.   Tucson is an easy town to drive around with good shopping and dinning.  So happy with our snowbird park pick!

Resort camping is a most beautiful setting!

While site parking is a serious challenge unless 25 foot and under the park is fantastic on most levels.  Beautiful grounds with kind staffing that are most helpful.   Wifi is one of the problem areas here.  Their "free internet" is a serious joke and the high priced Wifi setup is so slow it's criminal.   We opted for making our Comsumer Cellular phones "Hot Spots" which works very well.   Palm trees and flowers everywhere with great pool and hot tub that are kept spotlessly clean.  All the amenities you could ask for even Pickle Ball courts.  The nearby adventures are fantastic with desert and cool mountain top adventures aplenty.   I highly recommend this park.  The five month stay rates are great at just under $4000.  Propane delivered to your door and all aspects of this operation are kept so clean it squeaks…….With the help of friendly neighbors we parked our 35 foot Toy Hauler--took an hour--serious obstacle coarse to parking--palm trees at curbs being a problem.

Could be a great spot........

While clean the major problem is the total lack of both cell phone (five miles away you can call) and the usual silly wifi setup.  Next comes the river facts…..shallow as in ankle deep most of the time.  Cool at flood stage at a depth of four feet over most of the park run.  Oh almost forgot the standing in sewage water at the dump station.  Overflowing tanks just before the Memorial Day holiday------sound odd to you too?  Friday before at ten in the morning….

Did see a sewage tanker truck going toward the park as we were heading out to 67------guess my timing was off again.

Was very still and a good camping set up except for the wifi and lack of ability to connect with the outside world.  Problem finding a satellite able spot but there are a few with a clear south view.