Kelly S.
Sacramento, CA
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Cabins are awesome

Finally got lucky and got a semi weekend reservation in Cabin 5. Bring something to hang over windows if you need privacy. Wood is for sale to heat up the cabin in the wood burning stove which you need especially during the colder months. Other than that the cabin is basic. It had the main area with the stove and there is 1 single platform there for a shorter adult to sleep. A tiny room with 1 single platform for a kid to sleep (it’s short). And then a bedroom with a single platform for a shorter adult and a double platform for shorter adults. Tall people beware. You can probably get by sleeping diagonal or with your feet hanging off.

Views are epic and you can walk down past the cabins in front of you and down to the beach mostly during low tide. The windows in the main part of the cabin open up to let air in. Lots of flies too.

Make sure you get a gate code to get in and a cabin code to unlock your door.

They have wheelbarrows to haul your stuff to and from your cabin

A must if you can deal with wind!

Good Beach camping is few and far between at least with this place you are right on the beach. You have to be ok with wind and making sure your equipment is secured. We were lucky to have a large area to ourselves because no one was camping next to us due to a change in the reservation system and things got messed up. There is no privacy. Portapotties were fairly clean. There is 1 rinse off shower near the portapotty area. Probably best for RV’s but if you are a hard core tent camper this place is pretty awesome.

Great Spot

our site was further from the lake but it's not a bad walk. There are fire pits and charcoal grills in each site. Sites are a good size and have trees for hammocks.

Relaxing to the mind body and soul

Great place to chill or add in some hiking. Hopefully your neighbors have the same agenda since there isn't much privacy. Sites are on the small side as well. It's a special forest though and worth a visit. far as beach camping goes it's great

I'd say every place I've ever stayed on the beach is lacking in privacy. It's always so strikingly in my face though since most of my camping is done in the forest where you always at least have the illusion of privacy. Truthfully I hate it but that's a matter of preference. There are some more private-ish spots to be found here. I like to have space and at least shrub lined sites that separate you from the other campers. The beach here is beautiful. You can walk to it from the campground some sites are further away than others since there are three big loops of sites. It's mass camping near the beach. Great for loading up your stuff for the day and spending the day at the beach then coming back to your site to eat and crash. Everything I've read says no dogs on the beach but if you enter the beach near the ranger kiosk at the opening and go right after descending the stairs you aren't technically on Sunset beach and you can take your on leash dog for miles.

Skip it

Homeless people live here but they were actually cleaner than the campers. People do not follow the rules. Many dogs off leash even after asking people nicely to leash them. Minimal presence of rangers. Has showers but they smell like pee and showers and bathrooms were very dirty. The alarm for the sewer went off and rang all day and night even when we called to report it. No mention on their website or an alert anywhere of the prisoners who would be there all day using a chainsaw and burning the wood from trees that were being trimmed. So needless to say it was not relaxing. The sites haven't been cleaned up at all and although we had a large site we had to squeeze two tents on a sloped area because the rest of the site had poison oak. Lots of poison oak throughout camp. The lake is nice with a good ramp and dock but people let their kids play on the dock and no one tells them to move for boats going in and out. A main road goes through the campground and cars fly through there. Watch your dogs, kids and yourselves! Many of the sites are along the road as well so check the map.

Beautiful place

This place was gorgeous. A big meadow. Lots of rocks and trees. Nice easy hike to a waterfall or to the additional cost clothing required hot springs. Close to a cute little town with minimal options but has a couple of eating choices and a general store.

Great remote spot

Pretty basic but nice camp ground. Close enough to walk to a cute little beach. Bathrooms but no showers.

Beautiful Beach

It's a lot of work to haul your stuff from the drop off area to your site. It's a bit of a walk to the beach from the campground. It's a beautiful beach and not crowded however. This beach camping has some sites where you can have some privacy but mostly it's just a mass camping area. Way more spread out that the near by New Brighton SB Campground. It's an interesting set up. Not my number one pick but there's nothing wrong with it.

Mass camping close to the beach

It was fine. I'm not one for camping in a big open lot but hey you are right on the cliffs of the ocean and it's not a far jaunt to hit the beach. Great beach for swimming and hanging out. If you don't mind not having at least the illusion of privacy this place is a good spot.

Small and wonderful

This place is magnificent. I've hiked every trail here. It's pretty amazing to climb up and see the views of the ocean on a clear day. Most site are small and can probably only hold 1 tent however parking areas seem to be pretty large so if you only have one car you can use the other parking area for a tent. There are a few larger sites to be found.

Great spot

Simple camp ground and beautiful. A view of Mt. Whitney behind it. A seasonal creek runs through. Super cheap camping and a nice place to be. Not far from the the Mobius arch area to hike around.

Pretty place

Pretty camp ground. Lots of trees. Beware Lots of meat bees! Nice lake to swim and spend some time. Good for kids. The falls are beautiful too cold to do any quality swimming but a nice hike around the falls and down to the lake.


Can't go wrong camping here. Nice to be by the gorge but that's where all the people are. Other areas have the creek too and you can always find a semi close swimming hole. This place rules once you can get through the check in line! Awesome place for kids to explore.

Good camping

We ended up with a nicer semi private spot closer to the water although the lake was super low last year. Most sites pretty close together. Ours was spacious. Very rocky but the water was nice. A trek to the bathrooms from our area but they were in good shape. Lots of trees Has showers. I'd go again. Boat launch gets super busy.

Spend the night in a Fire Tower

The view will blow your mind. This place is special. Saw a gnarly rattle snake that hissed at me but didn't strike and a swarm of bees flew through. This place gets the prize for best view while sitting on the outhouse toilet. You can see for miles Mt Shasta and Shasta Lake is the distance.


Small enchanting Campground in the middle of the big sur coastline. Sites in the redwoods and sites on the beach. Both are wonderful. Great short hike along the creek, to the limekilns or to 2 waterfalls. Sites are in close proximity to your neighbor but people are generally too in awe of the natural beauty to party it up. Remains a fairly serene and peaceful environment. It's special really. A must at least once in your life. Dogs ok in the camp but not on the trails. No swimming in the ocean currents and waves are too strong but you can get your feet wet!

Gold Bluffs Beach campground

First come first serve. Hellish road to get there but worth the trip. Close to Fern Canyon. Basic Campground. No trees. Sites close to each other. Cold showers. Toilets not very clean but hey you're on the beach! It's awesome.

Watchman camp

We were luckily enough to grab a site here once. It's beautiful. Close to other campers but quiet enough. If you're camping in the area look no further….

A Gem

My all Time favorite spot maybe because I grew up in the area and there are lots of wonderful hikes lakes and waterfalls. This park is nice well taken care of lots of redwood trees. A creek runs through it. You can access some hikes to lakes right from the park. Seen a few tarantulas. A mtn lion lives near by saw him once at dusk while walking my dog along the trail toward the mine he was drinking water and we surprised him. He surprised us too! Rare to see them. Bears are in the area but never have I seen one in 25 years but there are bear boxes and bear proof trash cans so don't leave your ice chests out! Roomy site. Pay close attention when making a reservation some sites can only accommodate 1 tent. Sites are a bit pricey $$$ but there are showers and flush toilets and it's a fairly quiet place.