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mammoth lakes, CA
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not so close

used to be right up on the water here, which became pretty nice in the summer months. since the lowering levels id recommend heading somewhere toward the Mohave line as you will not have to commute as far to lake drop ins. otherwise, mountain biking has picked up in this area with easy access to a wide variety of both single track and downhill.

a hillside above the lake

a fantastic campground whether you're in a rv camper or tent. they have around 15 walk in campsites accessible from a small parking lot at the top of the hill(probly preferable for those seeking a bit more quiet). around 11 drive up tent sites, one of which we used, and a wide variety of rv parking like in rows nearest the lake. crossing the highway to the lake you'll find the lodge with great bloody Mary's and full service restaurant. the beach boasts great views and ferry rides with jet ski rentals. if you paddle up the coast on the lake you'll find even more beach bars

Can't beat a week on the bluff of the Buffallo

By far the best campsite reachable by car along the river. Great views from the sites, with adequate shade and river access. Most years there's a large river rock beach to launch boats from. Take a guide trip from the bridge at Rush creek down to the site in about 3 hrs. Great rafting.

One of the best spots on tahoe

Can't beat dropping a kayak into the water of this bay. The campsite is right next to the water, with breathtaking views of the serene cove. Emerald is by far the calmest water you'll find early morning and the nearby access is nice. Quit little shot from SLT it's not too desolate.

Great for fishing, Escaping the Snow

Not sure else what you'd come here for. Great rock climbing across the 395, but PVR is mostly for the float tubers. There is an awesome little wild trout section where you can get a hold of the colors of the sierras, otherwise the reservoir is a steep sided sketchy lake. Don't bring your dog. The land kinda just moves around as you approach the sides, whole area is marked enter at own risk by LADWP. Bring sunscreen, year round it gets deathly hot out down here. The sites are well distributed around a creek.

Hop on a pontoon

I bring my kayak here when I want to get away for a quick paddle. Waking up in the valley is a much better experience. With the access to trails you have you'll have more than enough to do, but if that gets old either fish convict from boat, or tackle the 15 minute drive over to crowley. Hot springs in winter, cold spring in the summer. Beware of keeping foods in your vehicles as bears are commonly seen near the campsite.

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Great escape from tahoe

This time of the year can get really crowded in the eastern sierras, this riverside escape off the 49 is the perfect getaway. About a hour out of truckee you'll find some of the most beautiful swimming holes I'd ever seen in ca. Many sites in the area, this one seemed to have the best hole attached. Site 8 is the access to it, so beware if you don't like people walking through. Great mtn biking, fishing, rafting, floating and swimming. Fly fishing is on fire, if you have a spin rod throw a bubble and 7 foot leader and watch the little guys come on in.

Bird watching galore

Fantastic body surfing, some good surf waves up the highway a bit. There is a backpacking access site as well up the canyon about 3 miles. Otherwise the creeks have gotten pretty dry in the area, still wildlife though. You can road bike up to the famous roadside seafood, or out to agoura on mtn bike through the canyon trail.


Beautiful overall, great access to many back country inlets and lakes. A wonderful place to witness one of the many Yosemite thunder and lighting storms. If you can leave your pet at home you will have a better time, the majority of lakes and trails in the Yosemite area do not allow dogs, some are leash restriction such as campsites. If you're heading up to lake Tenaya the pups can't go.

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Great little town

Some of the best resort skiing to avoid the crowd on a powder day. Fantastic snowshoeing during the winter months, with the closure of the backside of the 120. Summer boasts great trout fishing, kayaking, and biking. Stop by the tiger bar in winter for a warm meal, and Ohanas and JLB in the summer or anytime really.

better than the older shady

not too much different about new/old I prefer where the new one sits in comparison to noise from road travel. the majority of people staying here do so for the access to McDonald's nearby. if you want to avoid crowds, camper vans, hop on old shady rest road and drive 2 miles out of town. from there on you have free camping for up to 2 weeks.

somewhat crowded

much busier overall than the majority of the eastern sierras, still a nice get away. not too close to the lake but access is far from difficult. book ahead of time and request 9 for a tent site.

nice escape from the motel routine

close enough to town to keep up with regular activities; sits on the off-road network of mammoth's wood sections. can't beat the shade, no creeks or lakes but a nice place to take in the climate. skatepark, park, baseball fields near by

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nice & quiet alpine setting

definitely an awesome zone if you're into getting on backcountry lakes. you have easy access to many epic locations, and amazing fishing on site. the lake has a deep enough shelf on the backside that shore fishing is phenomenal. early/late summer will result in spawning which means glorious colors. within walking distance of lake Mary, biking distance of the town of mammoth with an additional bike path to the sites under construction currently. much less crowded overall than the lower lakes baisin.

it's worth the wait

can't beat the lakeside view of Duck Pass, Crystal Crag, and the Mammoth Crest at this zone. they stock the lake once a week during summer, dfg and Oregon stockers. get out on the shore and catch some monsters or troll on a boat from Pokonobe Marina

best access to lake

if you're headed up with a kayak sup or boat this is the spot. a minute drive from your site to launch and barely ever anyone on the beach. great trolling

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amazing lakeside sites

some of the best water camping access to a lake in the city of june. make sure to keep your food in the bear box, you'll likely be visited

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site #14

great trip overall, stunning views adequate camp space. best part about it is the access to june lakes beach. definitely stop by Ohana's & june lake brewing