Kaylin R.
Mobile, AL
Joined May 2019
Nice Mountainside Area

I went hiking here back in December and thoroughly enjoyed it. The ground's store is a cute little place with pretty much anything you could need, including beer, refrigerated items, snacks, stickers and T-shirts. The Japanese Garden was a little tacky, but kind of had its own cute feel to it. There's a cool clearing where you can stand on a ledge and view down the mountainside or take a group photo. The hiking trail down the mountain is so stinking sweet. We saw bugs, rabbits, deer, and so many other plants and other aspects of nature. Definitely worth a trip!

Close enough to civilization, but far enough to feel secluded

I've spent much of my life here. There's plenty of walking trails, and you can check out the gator alley area where you'll typically see at least one gator. There are plenty of pavilions around that you can rent for larger events, but it's generally pretty quiet here. It's far enough in the woods to where you don't hear much of the city traffic, but close enough to where emergency vehicles could reach you very quickly in case something happened. Safe area for kids, adults, and pets. You're guaranteed to see some pretty cool wildlife and sunsets!

Rich in History and Nature

Blakeley State Park could be described as being "frozen in time". There's a lot of cool Civil War history to witness, as well as a beautiful walking path/deck along the bay. We were not expecting the $5/person charge to enter the park, so be sure to come prepared for that. No sign of trash on the ground anywhere throughout the park, so I at least know the money is actually being used for good. Map/trails are a little confusing. We had a hard time navigating the park, but the accidental detour allowed for us to watch a turtle lay eggs in the ground. We also managed to run into someone's pet rabbit-- which you can see in the picture provided. The only other thing you need to know is that there are yellow flies and they do bite hard (and can cause an allergic reaction in some people.) Definitely bring bug spray and sunscreen!