Kayleigh W.
Phoenix, OR
Joined July 2018
i just sold my 2 acres and home and bought a travel trailer. time to live my life instead of my life living me. very new to this life. any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Holy waterfall

Had a wonderful visit. No hookups. So only dry rv camping. Hike around the lake and even made my own trails.

never forget

last trip my late fiance and I had before he passed away. we lost out through knife, canoes around the whole late, made love on the shoreline. what an amazing memory.

beautiful park

so far my visit is excellent. love this place.

crater lake

just breathtaking. One of our natural wonders of the world


had a blast riding my dirtbike. only wrecked 2 times.

love lake of the woods

winter or summer its gorgeous.


by far my favorite place until they commercialized it. it's still a beautiful spot. must see.

beautiful and serene

not alot 0f people come here and I like it. very mellow. lots of wildlife.

perfect trip

still getting used to the travel trailer life. Howard prairie sure made it memorable.

nice park

beautiful park. good layout. liked hi ow rhere was space between campsites. although there were a ton of misquitos

great visit

1st time at a park. it was quiet and relaxing and right on the river. perfect for my dog and i