Kaylee C.
Lebanon , OR
Joined June 2019
Married to a handsome man, with a beautiful baby girl, and a pup who loooooves to swim.
Beautiful Mornings

Father’s Day weekend our small group of 4 plus a dog stayed in site 32. We chose this location for a few reasons.

  • We could see the lake from our site.
  • We could leave our kayaks on the shore and just hop right in and paddle if we wanted.
  • Our dog loves to swim, so having a relatively private place for him to swim off leash was desired.
  • Easy access to the trail (this time the bridge was down, so we could not venture).

We enjoyed our stay, for the most part. The site across from us was loud until the early hours of the morning, openly drinking and using drugs, and were just all around disrespectful. They were kicked out (thankfully) and the hosts were very helpful and quick to act in times of need.

I will say, that I will never stay at site 32 again. Many visitors to this site felt that because we were right next to the trail head (that they did not know was inaccessible) they could just walk directly though our site. We have a dog who has PTSD, so having people walk through our camp just because they felt like it was extremely stressful.

The sun rose across the lake which was extremely beautiful.

Love Baker Bay as a whole, the people who stay there are a whole other matter.