party campground!

we used to camp here every year as a family when I was younger. we started camping here when it first open, they have cabins you can rent some in land and some on the water. they even have a rent store where you can so many things for fishing, kayaks sea do’s. they even have a tiki bar! the camp store is stocked up and the staff is always willing to help you!

nice for kids

I camped here a few years ago, you are parking on grass and when it rains it’s all mud, but I must say if you have little kids this is the place to go! they have a water park and shows, your kids won’t want to leave!

quite campground

I have been camping at this campground for years,but I would say it not as kept up as it us to be. it still a nice campground but it’s nothing like it’s sister campground Ives run.

clean campground

this campground is very clean and very up kept. I try to can here ones a year. all the sites are nice all the years I been camping here I have only found 1 site that we don’t like. some site you will need 2 hoses for your water because the hook ups are far from the sites and some of them will have the hook up facing the front of your camper.

my 1st pick every time!

this is my favorite campground been coming here for the past 4 years. some of the sites are a little hard to get into because of the loop. I have camped at a few campground, but this is a campground I can’t wait to come back too! there isn’t a bad site, the water is a good water, but once you get there you will love the beach! we love to camp here over the 4 of July, there are spots that if it rains we can still have our cook out with our group. we go back in August this year and I can’t wait!