Kayla H.

Tustin , CA

Joined August 2019

Windy, sparse, with panoramic views.

Easy to access dirt road off of Amboy leads you to BLM land. Left over fire rings mark sites, however many sites are covered in glass and bullet casing from people using this area for target practice. Sunsets are gorgeous, however desert winds are harsh. Wouldn’t go back but free camping doesn’t hurt.

Magical site! Yearly visit never gets old!

We camp here every November for a friends birthday and this site never gets old. Plenty of hiking around beautifully formed rock arrangements. Camp sites are dog friendly however trails are not, as this is protected State park land.

Busy site, great day hike, terrain is not dog friendly.

Love camping here! Absolutely beautiful! However the terrain is not very dog friendly sharp rocks cut our pups paws up (he is familiar with outdoor hiking) and if you want to do the ladders or ropes… no way. Easy to find a place to tuck away in a tent or truck at night and enjoy hiking again in the AM.

Beautiful view, hiking and campground amazing!

No fires allowed, spacious sites, must book in advance. Raccoons will come through at night, must make sure everything is put away and secure. Breathtaking views and hiking trails are challenging yet worth it!

BLM land, variety of spots, dessert terrain

Coachwhip Canyon is accessible from the Berrago Salton Freeway, it’s right on the Ella Wash. You can drive back through the canyon through a variety of areas people pull over and camp. Park rangers do survey the area and check in on people. No camp fires, and animals must be leashed. Crazy weird dessert spiders. Canyon is really pretty however.

Large spots, neat elk!!

We had a group spot to ourselves, lots of space and the site was tucked between the trees. Elk walking around all the time, really neat to see. A lot of restrooms. The crows are mischievous so keep all of your stuff stowed away. Close drive to the canyon rim and hiking, we would stay here again.

Gorgeous views, active wildlife, super bloom!

We drove to this site at 11:00pm and even in the dark it was easy to navigate. We drove right to our spot and set up. The campgrounds are pretty close to one another so not much privacy. Coyotes were howling all night and very active around camp. Super bloom was amazing here! The restrooms were spotless!! Also a neat counter sink area provided. Most sites have a shaded structure and picnic bench with grill.

Desolate, Beautiful rock formations, great hiking

This campsite is on BLM land, you can stay up to 14 days. There a wide variety of campsites from single to group sites. Restrooms available. Some sites have shaded structures, picnic tables and fire rings. Popular spot for rock climbers, giant rock formations jet out from the ground. Great hiking and awesome spot in spring for some beautiful wild flowers. Would definitely go back in spring or fall months when not too hot.

Crowded small to group sites

There are a lot of sites available here, all close together with little privacy unless you drive pretty far down the dirt road. Flies and mosquitoes are crazy during the summer. These campsites are all closed during the winter due to snow and early into spring. No view and hiking is decent, probably won’t go back, cooler places yet to explore. Picture attached is of a trail behind our camp spot.

Shaded beneath the pines with a gorgeous view

Recommend four wheel drive to get to Tool Box Springs, the fire road is long but once you’re there it’s worth it. There is a restroom with trash cans outside, you can use these trash bins for carrying out trash if camping further down the road. Spring time and fall are the best here, less flies and insects. In the summer flies swarm, tons of beetles at night, think our dog brought home fleas from our site. Fire rings at some sites, as well as benches. This is a prescribed burn area, in early spring into summer months you will see a lot of charred areas and fallen trees.