Kayla B.
Tifton, GA
Joined July 2018
OJust a South Georgia girl that likes to Go and explore. Lover of outdoors water and nature.
Fun but loud

Anytime I have ever visited Ginnie Springs we have had a blast. This campsite is always busy even in torrential downpours. The store is well stock cold drinks firewood ice food kayak scuba paddle board rentals. If you left it at home this store has it! The staff is super friendly and helpful. We had a dead car battery one time visiting and they had someone out to fix it. They have electric and water sites as well as an abundace of tent sites. There are plenty of bathhouses mostly muddy but you can get a hot shower. You can dive or snorkel in the crystal clear springs in several spots along the Santa Fe river. But you have to go early or late the springs are way over crowded on the weekends. The store offers tube rentals so that you can float down the river with several take outs that are very clearly marked. You can also take your own floats and the camp store offers free air to blow them up. We have always had so much fun floating down but it is not the place to look for peace and quiet. We have been there many nights with people coming I. And setting up camp well past midnight blaring music and yelling. Other than it being a party spot it is a great place to go.

Scenic great hike

Lots of picnic areas mild hiking. This place is absolutely stunning. You can hike all throughout the canyons. The trails are not really marked but are easy to follow with the trail maps provided in the modest camp store. You can camp in the camp sites or even in the canyons if you pack in. It is a mild to moderate hike and usually a good many people around. The canyons are breathtaking and well worth the hike down to the bottom.


We have been down the Suwannee many times and always stay in woods ferry for FREE!!! Bathhouses electricity potable water shelters!! These are amazing only accessible from the water this place is awesome. It has a dock a boat tie up and even has little wagons to help you lug all of your gear to the top. The campsite has a large shelter with a large campfire ring and seats for bigger parties. The shelters all have water electricity and benches on the inside. The shelters also have hooks for your hammocks if you prefer to sleep that way. They have grills and fire rings at your campsite and picnic tables. There is primitive camping as well. Most of the time a camp host is on site.

Campground with lots to do

This campground just has so much to offer. All throughout the year you can catch various musical fest. At Christmas the park host a spectacular light show. During the music festivals camping is offered for more than 600 hookup sites and 800 acres of primitive camping. The park also host a canoe outpost so you can boat or paddle into the park. The camp outpost people are one of a kind. They are super friendly knowledgeable and helpful. They will shuttle you to your destination or come pick you up. The park has a restaurant that on Thursday’s you can join in on some kareoke or catch a band. The park is horse and golf cart friendly. Not only is this a great park to stay with loads to do but they are also environmentaly conscious. The park works extremely hard to recycle and reuse. They have a whole team dedicated to just that. We have been down the Suwannee many times and always take out at this awesome park. On the way down there are numerous campsites some with bathhouses potable water and electricity. They also have closed in shelters that are all free to use . It helps if you make a reservation otherwise it is first come first serve. We have always had a tremendous time kayaking down the Wannee!!

Great campground loads to do

We stayed in a cabin on this camping trip it is kid friendly with lots of programs for the children. We walked nature trails saw a wildlife program played putt putt and kayaked. We put in at the parks boat ramp and fished it had its own cleaning station. We swam in the springs which were not overcrowded and we even got to see manatees. It was a great trip.

So much fun stuff to do

I cannot list all of the things to do at this park. We rode the ducks hiked to the top of Stone Mountain and enjoyed a laser display at the end of the evening just to name some of the highlights. There are mutiple stores shopping restaurants and just so much to do and see the kids will love it!


Just beautiful kayaking with the chance to see monkeys.

Beautiful lots to do

kayaking through the springs you have a chance to see the monkeys that live there. The trip was beautiful there is a store and restaurant on the grounds.

Love love love this campground

there is just so much to do at this park music festivals disc golf canoeing kayaking trails. We usually kayak down to the music park the canoe outpost will shuttle you to your put in and you can stay in one of the fantastic campsites with bathhouses electricity potable water and covered shelters.


This is one of my favorite parks

So much fun

This park is so close to the Okefenokee. We spent the whole day hanging out. This campground is pristine. The campsites are a little crowded but if you can get close to the water beautiful.

The best campground

Dark sky approved you can see all of the stars at night. Kayaking nature trails spacious campsites

One of my favorite campgrounds

This is one of the most fun state parks I have ever been to. The campgrounds are spacious and well maintained. There is so much to do and see. In the daytime we kayaked our and saw hundreds of gators and other wildlife. We visited Billy’s island and explored there. Then at night we were treated to stargazing with a giant telescope. There is a playground for children a easy nature trail with a geocache and so much more.

Clean spaced out campsites

I was not very impressed with this campsite in regards of things to do. The campsites were nice and spaced out and you can go play in the spring water and boat but that is about it.


Beautiful falls if you can get to the top. Moderate hike to the top of the falls.

Beautiful trail leading to waterfalls

This campground is so clean and well maintaned. There is a hiking trail leading to the falls that shows spectacular views at mutiple points of the falls. You can rent boats and canoes to explore the 600+ acre lake. You can also fish for hybrid bass.

Quiet peacful campground well maintained lots of fun things to do

This beautiful campgrounds main attraction is the water. In the big lake it offers boating tubing skiing. You can also take the river run and boat or paddle upstream. It is an easy paddle with plenty of places to get out.