Florilow (started by members of LOW) caters to single over-55 RVers

Florilow was purchased in 1985 by some members of Loners On Wheels, a social group for single RVers, so that they would have a place to congregate on the east coast. (LOW headquarters is in Deming, NM). They call this a small park with a big heart … it is not a matchmaking place, just a very social place where most folks are single. There are several bulletin boards outside the office and they are usually full of events you could sign up for … do you want to go kayaking? biking? motorcycling? swimming? tubing? Do you want to play cards? dominoes? mah jongg? Catchphrase? pickleball? Want to go to a movie? out for lunch? to a play? to the beach? deep-sea fishing? You are invited to all these and more. There are 40 spaces for travelers and 100 sites that are owned by residents. There are a couple of pads and a couple of trailers for sale at this time. Check out their website for more information. www.florilow.com