Katy L.
Kissimmee, FL
Joined February 2020
kind sloppy and not well kept

The pictures on the website do not represent what the park looks like.  They seldom even rake the leaves, missing patches of grass and weeds galore.  Facilities are getting that  "used up and not refurbished" look and the manager - god do not go to her with a problem,  I told her the pool was messed up once and instead of asking what's wrong and addressing it - she bit my head off asking if I was staying there.  SMH.  

Anyway - they really need to take better care of the grounds and don't get me started on that joke of a security team up front - they let everyone in.  I rarely see them stop anyone.

If you value your safety - don't drive through the back - looks like a ghetto and just got notice that a sex offender moved in - called the office and they said - oh well.