Katie T.
Fredericksburg , VA
Joined July 2017
A piece of Heaven in Virginia

I have been to many VA State Parks and this one so far has taken the cake. The grounds and river access are stunning. I am planning on going back in a few weeks with a group of friends.

State Park in the city

Me and some friends wanted to go to a state park that was within an hour and a half from where we lived. We chose this one and wished we had made a different choice upon arrival. The volunteers were not hospitable like we have experienced at all the other VA State Parks. The grounds were no kept. Fire wood cost a small fortune. Campsites were practically on top of one another. And don't even get me started with the "lake". Grossest state park lake I have ever seen.

Hiked it. Liked it!

A few friends an myself went camping here. It was my first hike in primitive camping experience. We hiked for a few hours and finally got to our site which was right on the Potomac River. Gorgeous view and I was glad to be there after the long haul.

Buddy site glory

This state park is one of the best in VA. With access to the Potomac River, beaches, shark tooth island (!), what seems like endless beautiful hiking trails and the cleanest camp grounds I have ever seen I would recommend everyone to visit this park. We took about 30 women camping here at the end of April and had the best time together. So thankful for state parks that are gorgeous and full of adventure!