Katie G.
Cleveland, OH
Joined August 2018
Wonderful Wisconsin Park

Mirror Lake is just up the road from Devil's Lake, so if it's too busy there - make sure to go check out Mirror Lake! 

Although we didn't actually camp here, we did hike a lot of the trails. We came across lots of fun nature (toads, snakes, bunnies!). The trails are well maintained and a nice woodland area.

This is Wisconsin?!?

Copper Falls was absolutely amazing!! I have lived in WI my whole life, and was so disappointed that 2018 was the first time visiting it! 

We stayed in one of the South Campgrounds, which turned out to be really nice. We liked the loop because it meant more privacy with the woods between. And it was great for finding kindling! We also brought our bikes which was convenient because we were able to bike down to the hiking trails rather than driving and parking. 

We went to Copper and Brownstone falls the first day and the second day went to Red Granite Falls and it was so stunning! We couldn't believe there were waterfalls like that right in WI! 

It was so beautiful and the trails weren't crowded at all. Not sure why, with views like this! Although it is quite a drive from Madison or Milwaukee, it is definitely worth it!

Door County Must See

I don't think there has been a time where we went to Door County without visiting Peninsula! It is kind of a family tradition. It's wonderful in any season, but fall is my favorite with the lookout and all the beautiful trees!

Beautiful State Park with Ample Amenities

We love Devil's Lake! It has incredible views and is absolutely breathtaking in the fall. It is also wonderful in the summer to go swimming and hike around. 

We've never camped overnight here, but have taken many trips to hike around. With it only being 45 minutes from Madison, it's a great day get away! 

Only drawbacks to Devils Lake are the crowds. It's popular (and for good reason!) so I would suggest hiking earlier in the day to avoid the larger crowds of people. I would also avoid going there when the mayflies have hatched because it can be unbearable.