Katie C.
Lawrence, KS
Joined September 2016
Great place to camp in the summer

Free spot! We stayed here in a truck camper and it was perfect for the night. Big lot next to a snow shelter. Not much for tent camping although I guess you could… Much more ideal for vehicle camping.

My only complaint was the awful mosquitoes.

Would definitely stay here again.

Gorgeous area

Trillium lake is absolutely gorgeous and is great for photography. We were happy to stay here.

It's close to the "airstrip" which is a free area to camp but it's more like a place where people set up for months. Cool place, but loud.

Trillium lake is much more peaceful.

Gorgeous site, scary drive down

We love free campgrounds and this was a great one! We headed here after hiking out of Yosemite and it was about 8pm before we got to the turn. A ranger was blocking the road because a truck had fallen off the road earlier in the day and the tow trucks were just finishing up. He told us that it would only be about a half hour, but he warned us that the drive down is dangerous with a big drop off. The road is narrow-only wide enough for one car and the pull offs are few and far between.

The campground is at the bottom of a valley right along a roaring river. it was dark when we finally got there so we could only appreciate the stars and the sound of the water, but we were blown away when we woke up.

We did get up early though because I was worried about running into another car on the road, though I don't think this is that big of a deal because you can see pretty far ahead of you so you would know if someone else was driving down well in advance.

We camped in our truck bed, but there are lots of good tent spots. I wouldn't recommend driving an RV down, but it is probably doable.

Anything is amazing in Yosemite

If this were anywhere else I would have given it 3 stars, but it's in Yosemite, nestled at the base of Yosemite falls trail and that is a major win.

First off, this is a walk up site and thank god they have them in Yosemite because their campgrounds fill up immediately and I can never plan my trips that far in advance, but that means getting up early and waiting in line to ensure you have a spot. However, we got to Yosemite in the afternoon because we drove in from out of town, and the signs outside the entrance said all campgrounds were full including camp 4. We decided to head in and hike upper Yosemite falls and then figure out our camping situation later. On a whim, we stopped to talk to the ranger at camp 4 and she said a couple had just checked out early so there was an opening for two. We practically kissed her we were so excited.

Camp 4 is pretty small so you don't get any privacy. 6 people are assigned to an area to share a table and fire pit (when allowed). Everyone is so nice and the atmosphere is incredible…until you want to go to bed. We knew we would be getting up early to hike so we wanted to sleep early but the party that is camp 4 continued until around midnight.

Other than that, I have no complaints with camp 4. I was very grateful to have a place to camp in the valley and the price is great. Maybe bring some ear plugs if you don't plan on staying up late with everyone. I would definitely stay there again, but I would recommend getting there early on your first day because people start lining up in the wee hours of the morning to try for a spot. Also it was nice to have somewhere to park in the valley as parking can be challenging. Another thing to note is they do not allow you to sleep in your vehicle in the lot.

Great campground

It was a great campground but I have been ruined by free campgrounds so when I do have to pay I am disappointed if there aren't showers. Also it was a little far away from the main section of the park (where we wanted to be) but it was the only campground available.

That being said, the campground was pretty sweet. We backed out truck in and slept in the bed, but there are plenty of rv and tent sites around. We stayed at site 12 for two nights and on our last morning we woke up to see a bobcat snoozing in the sun. We also lucked out and came across a mama bear and two cubs near Moro Rock which was incredible!!!

Next time I would try to reserve a campground up higher, but I wouldn't think twice about staying here again if they were full.

Awesome dispersed camping

This was our first stab at a site like this and it was amazing. Very close to Arches and Moab and the scenery is great. The road in is a little rough, but there were cars that did it though I wouldn't recommend it (especially after rain).

There are plenty of spots around, but some are better than others for shelter from the wind. We camped near a hill and it sheltered us quite well.

We dry camped in our truck, but there were people tent and rv camping as well. We didn't have a campfire but people around us did.

What more can you ask from a campground, especially a free one?! I would definitely stay here again!