Kathleen C.
Los Angeles, CA
Joined December 2017
Lots of good things here...

Camped here for three nights over Fourth of July holiday (site 52).  Because of the holiday and the proximity to Oakland/San Fran, the campground was in FULL EFFECT with a gang of variant families camp site hopping.   Unfortunately, the site across from mine was the epicenter of all things July 4th and the aforementioned multivariate families.  Had I chosen the site to my left, or a few more down the road, I would have barely noticed them at all - sites 47-44 had no one across the way, more private, set back.  Aside from the crew across the way playing the LOUDEST game of cornhole/bags I have ever heard (think gunshot every time a bag struck the board), the group(s) were mostly awkward lively teenagers and their parents (think Riverdale without the murders).  To the teenagers' credit, I didn't hear a curse word from the group, just pure spaz.  I think they really did create some rad summer memories.  Having said all that, if I returned I would snag site 44.  Just trust me on this.  Most of the sites are pretty decent, but 44 was the best. 

In terms of cell service, I had pretty good range, was able to listen to the Cubs win one of four games against the Pirates (the series started with a brutal take down of the Cubs 18 to 5 - don't worry - Cubs managed a 3 game sweep of them a week later).

Bathrooms are decent, not the cleanest, but well stocked and had hand soap.   Coin operated showers were also a treat (again, not the cleanest, but…).  Potable water close to sites.  Raccoons, Chipmunks and Blue Jays were NOT SHY but also not a harrowing issue.   

The win on this campground is how close it is to Point Reyes National Seashore, San Rafael, Olema, Novato and Marshall.  I would highly recommend Five Brooks Ranch in Olema for horseback riding, Hog Island in Marshall (snag a picnic table and shuck your own oysters - definitely a highlight) and Cowgirl Creamery in Point Reyes Station.  Oh, Point Reyes Yoga - yes to this!  - also in Point Reyes Station.  Novato had the most adorable 4th of July parade complete with a pancake breakfast.  And San Rafael - home of Terrapin Crossroads - music venue of the one and only Phil Lesh was also a highlight.  There is also Kayaking in Tomales Bay which is okay fun.

Overall, this is a campground that checks a LOT of boxes.

One thing to note, the night is COLD up this way, and mere miles will cover several different weather systems.  Bring layers.  

Happy camping!

So sweet!

There is no down side to this campground.  I stayed in Blooms Creek, site 122.

You may find a fussy thing here or there, but really, it's a delightful place to camp.

Camp site 122 is truly the best - I scouted for better ones, but this one was tops! Lots of space (I set up my 14 x 9 tent in a circle of redwood trees), lots of privacy (hey-yo!).  But really, every campsite is pretty great.  Tall redwoods all around, plenty of shade, potable water, a dish washing stations (!!!!), flush commodes, coin operated showers, hiking trails galore and a camp store with most anything you might have forgotten to bring along.  Also, lots of programming through the Park Headquarters (nature walks, kids activities, amphitheater fireside talks).

Things to know so you get your head around it now …

1) NO CELL SERVICE.  There is free wifi at the camp store and it stays on all night (I know, I went after hours to check the *Cubs/Cards score - go Cubs!  *Cubs won 5-1).

2) Firewood sold at the camp store or camp host (as of June 2019) is $13.00 a bundle.  Yes, that's twice what you might normally pay.  In town (Boulder Creek) is not much better.  Side note, there is a CUTE coffee shop in Boulder Creek called Tree House Cafe - GREAT coffee and nice staff.  Plus there are two Redwoods in the middle of the cafe.  I mean… come on!!!

3) This campground is very close to UC Santa Cruz.  I camped Sun-Tues right after school let out for the summer so there was definitely the 'let's camp and get wasted' kinda thing.  They were actually kinda of adorable and nothing too unruly, but maybe time your stay with that in mind if you are not in the mood for that sort of camping neighbor.  

4) No Bigfoot sightings.  I looked.

5) The bathrooms (while decent) did NOT have hand soap.  Bring your own.  And remember, sharing is caring (read: leave it in the bathroom cause most people were not aware of this).  

6) Midweek in summer is still crowded.  This place is RAD and people know it… get your reservations EARLY.

7) Mosquitoes are for realz here.  I left with over 30 bites (16 on my knees alone).  Citronella candle did NOTHING.  I had DEET spray… NOTHING.  I heard Bounce Dryer Sheets brings the magic (yes, take the sheet and get carried away on your arms, legs etc as if you are toweling off).  I'm trying this cause it's better than ya know… West Nile/Zika (which I probably now have).

I definitely returned better than when I arrived… this place is pretty.  I truly hope you have an outstanding time here.