Kate W.
Ashville, NY
Joined May 2018
Amazing camp location

There is a museum, boat launch, pavilions, and ice cream shop on the camp ground. The bathrooms are great with showers and each camp spot has plenty of distance away from the next one. They were building amazing lakeside cottages the last time I went and the cabins were small but could sleep 3-4 people in one room. Parking was great and the trails were clear. Maintenance crew starts around 7.

Great parking

The bathrooms are portojons and there are no showers, however there is THE best dog park I have ever seen in this area. So my dogs loved this campground more than me and that was worth it. It was dark enough to see a space station cross the sky at night. The camping spaces are rather close, but so many people want to camp there, because of its proximity to everything amazing.

Wide open

The campground has showers and portopotties. The space is so open and some of the spaces are remote, so campers can feel very alone.

A lot of space

The water is easy to find, bathrooms are available with showers, and the options are tents, cabins, or RV camping. Do not leave food out. The bears are very ambitious.