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Interesting place....

Stayed here for a marathon race because EVERYTHING was all booked up given the time of year. First, it’s an older couple who owns it and they are pretty funny about check in / out times because I’m pretty sure it’s just their yard you are camping on. Either way, we wouldn’t be getting in until SUPER LATE and the husband was really nice and accommodating. They also were cool with our three dogs running around and he made sure to put us as far off the beaten path as possible. So overall, it served its purpose for what we needed. Not really sure I’d call it “camping” but more of a backyard hangout? 🤷🏼‍♀️ The RV sites do have hookups and there is a bathroom. Not sure about showers though.

Nice but kinda crowded

Very popular place. It’s close to home, so I like to paddle here. The sites are pretty large but mostly inhabited with RVs. Lots of campers come with the whole setup and stay for weeks. Colored lights, tiki torches, and loud music. Nothing very primitive or rustic about this place. Still, the lake is clean, there is a nice launch for boats, and a large swimming area for kids. Overall it’s a nice family camping spot.

Loved the lake👍

This campground was larger than expected and had some very nice lake front sites. It also surprisingly had a campground host, which is rare at state forest campgrounds. There are only about 10 lake front sites, but they were all very nice. A few even had their own beach (but those were taken). The lake itself was gorgeous and had a nice launch for paddling, fishing, and swimming. Campground had all the usual rustic state forest amenities, pit toilets, water pump, picnic tables, and fire rings. I think there might have even been a place to buy firewood near the host.

Nice but close to the highway

This is a nice little state forest campground that has a beautiful lake for paddling and a handful of beautiful lakefront sites. The sites include their own picnic table and fire ring, along with shared pit toilets and water pump for drinking water. The campground is also attached to a large system of ORV trails and has a beautiful scenic picnic area. The only thing I didn’t like is how close to the highway it was, at night you could hear the cars driving by. Overall, it’s a nice place though.

A beautiful secluded rustic campground

Looking for something off the beaten path? Well, here it is (if you can find it). This place is dropped right in the middle of the incredible Pigeon River State Forest and you better bring your compass and map to find it. Zero cell service for miles and limited road signs. Nothing but unmarked dirt roads and two-tracks for miles. The campground wraps around the lake, so most of the sites overlook the lake with some beautiful views. Shared rustic toilets and well pump for drinking water. Each site includes a picnic table and fire ring. The lake was perfect for swimming, paddling, or fishing.

Nice sites but not too close to the lake

Nice large state forest campground with plenty of space and sites. Each site includes a picnic table and fire ring. Shared rustic toilets and hand pump for water are also available. The sites are large but only a few are close to the lake and even those require taking a trail down to the water. The lake is beautiful and clear, perfect for a paddle or morning swim.

Ranger Review: Morsel Spork At Round Lake State Forest

First, let me just say, this state forest campground is probably one of my new favs! So quiet and peaceful, tons of trails, and little lakes all tucked around. There are only about 10 sites here, but they are all a really nice size. About half of them have a nice lake view. Each site has the standard picnic table and fire ring and there is a shared rustic toilet as well. At night the sky was incredible and there is even areas along the trails for elk viewing. Great little spot!


Now that I have become a Ranger for the Dyrt, I sometimes receive products to test from time to time. On this trip I have the opportunity to try out my first (and not last) Morsel Spork. Before this trip, I was under the assumption that all sporks were somewhat the same (confession: I think until now I’ve always bought really cheap sporks). Either way, eating with this beauty was not only comfortable, but it actually handled like a normal piece of cutlery. It's also extremely lightweight and easy to clean, making it perfect for backpacking or lightweight ventures.

Pretty nice....

I was super pumped to check this place out, but it wasn’t exactly as great as I was expecting. For one, no dogs on the beach😒 There was a small area for them, but nothing in comparison. Also, no alcohol…. hrmmmm, I’m not a lush or anything, but I do like a few beers at the campground. Otherwise, the hiking was nice and there were some cool areas to climb around the dunes. Ultimately, I would probably choose something that suited me a little better next time.

Nice views

Small sites but the views are A+! We stayed here the night before completing the Great Lake Challenge and it was perfect distance from all the lakes we needed to get to! Morning view of the bridge was ON POINT and the night sky wasn’t too shabby either!

Weather put a damper

I only stayed here because it was really close to a race I was running. To be Honest, this place wasn’t overly impressive. The sites were really small and not wooded, the beach was really rocky and difficult to get to, and also it down poured majority of our visit. I’d give this place 3 stars at best, even if it hadn’t rained. There are so many better places to stay in the area, opt for one of those.

Last Minute Save!

This campground saved the day when we visited the Porcupine Mountains. We might have skipped the step about doing enough research, and we arrived after a 10 hour drive to find that everything in the backcountry and campground were 100% full. I wouldn’t really rave about much else, other than the view of the beach and the fact that it’s really close to hiking in the park. The entire grounds are just a large grassy area and a lot of the sites were a little soggy when we were there. BUT, like I said, it totally saved our asses, so it gets 4 stars! Oh, and the bathrooms were SO CLEAN! Like epic clean👌

Not too shabby...

I try to avoid state parks when I can, because they are just slightly too crowded and the sites are always a little small. This particular trip we kinda ended up with minimal options because everything was so busy. I will say, the swimming and sunset were amazing. The site we ended up with wasn’t 1/2 bad either. The bathrooms were clean the park has some really nice trails and views. Definitely not the worst place I have ever ended up having to stay at.

I’ll be back!

This was my first time on Drummond and the township park was a pleasant surprise. After taking the ferry over, it’s only about a 5-10 minute drive up the road to the park. Run a lot like a rustic state park, it’s a self-serve, pick a spot, and put the money in the slot kinda place. Each site has its own rustic stone fire pit and picnic table. I believe the campground had about 48 sites and 30 of which had electric. I think probably 20 of them had lakefront (which were a bit smaller). The wooded sites were pretty large and had nice privacy. The bathrooms were rustic style pit toilets and there are no showers. There were however some beautiful hiking trails and beaches for swimming. The island itself is full of ORV trails, so most of the people come for that. The rest are just looking for some beautiful scenery on a quiet island. I will definitely be back!

Cool until it wasn’t

We were pretty excited to find this place on a busy July weekend. The area was extremely scenic and also centrally located for exploring the Pictured Rocks area. The sites were a decent size and the campground was quiet. Rustic style toilets and a nice beach for swimming. We were so happy! I even made friends with a chipmunk at breakfast. After we ate we cleaned up our site and left for a long day of exploring on a Saturday. We returned really late after dark to find someone had stolen all our firewood, headlamps, extra clothing from the tent, and a few other items. Like, seriously?! Super lame. I know it’s not the fault of the campground, but I guess it just left a bad taste in my mouth for this place. People can be so disrespectful, it’s sad. The campground was good otherwise. Just watch out for that A-hole wearing my Marmot rain jacket😒

Head to the top!

There are two sides to this campground and although the lower side has lake front sites, they are pretty small. We opted to head over to the upper part where the sites are three times the size. We were only one of two campsites taken, so it was extremely peaceful and quiet. The sky was gorgeous. In the morning we took at dip in the beautiful crystal clear, sandy beach. It was pretty perfect. This was also one of the cleanest rustic campgrounds I’ve been to in a while. Great place!

Amazing Hike! Great Campground

This is a short and sweet hike to one of the higher points in Vermont. It is a beautiful scenic (somewhat strenuous) hike to the summit. The views are pretty epic though. The designated primitive camping area is about 1.5 miles into the hike. If I recall it had about 10-12 sites. The area had a host who was there 24/7 and a shared area for eating and food storage (I guess Bear’s are a problem there). We hiked all day, so we didn’t have a fire and to be honest I can’t remember if there was a shared spot for them or not. Either way, this hike was gorgeous and so was the camping. I would love to go back!

Best swimming in the area!

We like this place because they have a killer beach for swimming and wading. A good amount of the sites are water sites and some are up on a hill with really nice views. The campground is conveniently located but this means it’s a very busy place. We usually opt for another rustic campground a bit more off the beaten path, but if you can get a spot, this place is nice.

So happy to find!

We were not familiar with the area and stumbled on this little rustic gem by chance. Good old fashioned self serve rustic campground that was practically empty. So pretty too! Located right in the middle of the national forest and finger lakes area. So many sites to see, but it was nice to escape the people here. Waterfalls within a few minutes in most directions. Lots of good hiking too! Great hidden spot tucked in the woods!

Nice little campground

We stopped at this place for the night just passing through but I was pleasantly surprised. Not crowded, beautiful swimming area and launch for paddling. Self serve and the perfect location for a stop when driving up into the UP. Would stay again👌

Those beach sites though

This park is so pretty! Some of the beach sites offer walk in wooded areas with their own private trails to the water. There is also drive around and pull up sites available for campers and tents. The sites are not overly close together either, which can sometimes be an issue at state parks. Picnic table, fire rings, and wooded areas at each site. Bathrooms available in the main parts. So many beautiful areas to explore around this park as well. I can’t get enough.