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Pretty camping

Campgrounds are a little ways outside of Lebanon where we were able to get camping supplies at their 24 hour Walmart. Cute little town but not a big tourist destination. Campgrounds were fairly nice and had a woodsy feel. Nearby hiking includes McDowell creek falls where there are a couple of medium grade hiking trails that can be muddy. The falls are quite beautiful and worth a visit even if you’re not into hiking since most of them even the bigger ones are accessible with just a short walk down Wooden stairs or viewable from the parking lot (be careful the stairs are quite slippery) bathrooms located on site.


Most of the people staying here are long term, when we stayed there was some drama between residents and it seems some shady people tend to frequent the area. Perks are laundry, showers and bathrooms on site. Not a great place if you’re looking to get out Into nature but Grants Pass has some fun seasonal events such as boatnik with fireworks, boat racing and carnival rides/food. Pretty river town but I’ve stayed at nicer places for the same price.

Local highlights include: All sports park, boatnik, car cruises, wildlife images.

Beautiful area and reasonably priced

The hot springs are a fun and relaxing place and the prices for campground are very reasonable. I liked how the campgrounds weren’t in the middle of town and the surrounding area is quite pretty. Downside is a lot of transients frequent the area which takes from the natural beauty. Some beautiful hiking trails nearby in Talent and outside of Ashland.

Lake is decent

Lake is decent when it’s not dried up, fishing is fun for recreation but not the best place to catch great fish. Campgrounds are decent with restrooms on site and hookups, nearby is a water park with slides which is fun for the kids but is only open during the warmer months.

Hot springs and hot weather

Wildlife and landscape collide and paint a beautiful picture. There is a small creek with fish nearby and deer and coyote frequent the campgrounds. Nearby are the hot springs and petroglyphs at the nearby lake. This area however is pretty mosquito heavy and as it is a fairly long distance from any town come prepared as there is no nearby gas station/store/restaurants. Make sure to also watch out for rattlesnakes as we encountered one on our trip.

Woodsy camping

Located between sisters and bend this campground is surrounded by beautiful mountains and trails. We hiked black butte during this trip and were amazed at how social the chipmunks were once we reached the top where the lookout is. Campground was clean and minimal.

Great river access

Unfortunately when we came here the campgrounds around applegate lake were closed to season. However this campsite was still nice and sat alongside the river with fishing access. There were quite a few stray cats roaming the campsites but kept away from us while we were camping. Bathrooms are located centrally in the campgrounds and nearby is a fun little hiking trail that takes you to a Bigfoot trap and some abandoned buildings.

Wonderful atmosphere

Fun place to camp, although there is no beach access this campground is well situated back in the trees with restrooms, picnic benches, small ponds and even a playground. The main office doubles as a store and restaurant that serves germanic type food and plays live music and dancing. Was a great trip and would love to go back.

Conveniently close to crater lake

Nice facilities but crater lake is the star of this trip, beautiful year round there is always something to do here even if buried under ten feet of snow!


Pretty location close to town, beach goes on for miles in either direction and campsites are located practically on the sand. The downside is the beach is usually busy and not much can be found unless you’re an early riser. Beach is pet friendly and rv is usually the best accommodations here.

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Average at best

Located right off the freeway in Phoenix the local greenway runs right alongside the campgrounds. The new freeway overpass is a pain and homeless are known to frequent the area.

Pretty area

Lots of lake like activities to do, it’s a popular place for locals in the summer and popular for birthday parties and events. Lake is large and fishing, canoeing are some fun things to do here.

Fun lake camping

Fun lake camping with shaded campsites that are cool in the summer. You can rent lake boats, paddle boards and other swim type toys and their facilities include summer type treats as well. Campsites are near the lake and great for larger parties or private events.

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Lots of mosquitoes

Pretty location but also lots of bugs, be prepared for mosquitos! There is a small creek that runs through some of the campsites and lots of other wildlife including snakes, rabbits and deer. No bathrooms or showers located near sites.

Local river fun

A hotspot for locals for birthdays and celebrations, our campsite was large and included a fire pit and picnic bench with nearby bathrooms. The river was nice and cool in the warm weather and there are nearby volleyball nets and playground for kids.

Fun river activities

Campgrounds are average and nearby is Griffin park, the rogue river is usually calm enough here where swimming is allowed and fishing/boating as well. The local jet tours will often come by so keep an eye out for them.

Great for horses

A fun little campground that is located right off Dead Indian memorial road. There are a few wooden stalls for horses and campgrounds are first come first served. Picture is from a nearby lookout we hiked to. Beautiful trails in the area.

Beautiful Illinois river

River is a wonderful place to picnic and swim at during warmer months but is also known locally for high school students and young adults to come down and drink at. Other than the usually crowded beaches the area is beautiful. The road down to the campground can be fairly windy and bumpy as most of it is not paved.

Wildlife magnet

We had a herd of buffalo walk through our campsite while we were here which we were told is not an uncommon occurrence. The nearby river is beautiful and brings various critters as well. Campsites are located close enough to the main road yet does not feel that way.

Had to stay two extra nights

While we were here we stayed in their small one room cabins that stayed nice and warm throughout the windy and freezing nights, decided to stay an extra two nights as the rooms were just that cozy. Overlooks a scenic little canyon that you can drive down to and watch for jackrabbits! Bathrooms and showers located nearby that were warm and private as well. We very much enjoyed our stay here.