Kari M.

Sodus, NY

Joined September 2016

Great Lake, beautiful views

Coming here was like a breath of fresh air. The lake is gorgeous, although it wasn't as big as I thought it was going to be. I went late August, so I beat the initial summer rush, but there was still a good amount of people there. The campsites are close to the water, which makes for a great wake up call in the morning. I loved un-zipping my tent and seeing the lake first thing in the morning. There also was so good hikes that were close by that my family and I did. They were fairly easy, but the views were awesome! I believe one hike was actually called Flowed Lands Hike. The campsite was clean, although the bathrooms available weren't as clean and well maintained. The floors were really wet and muddy, I'm assuming this was because it was close to the water. Also, there was trash every one on the ground. Not sure how often they get cleaned. I would also recommend bringing bug spray because the mosquitos were pretty killer, even in late August. I would come back again, but next time I would bring my kayak to get out on the water.

Loved the lake, super relaxing!

This is a great place to come and relax with your family and friends. The lake is awesome, and great for all water activities. I really enjoyed stand up paddle boarding as well as fishing with my parents! My brothers really enjoyed riding their bikes on a small trail that was located nearby. The campground and surrounding areas is pretty big, with lots of trees and shaded area. The shade definitely saved us because it was very hot outside! I would also recommend bring bug spray, because the mosquitos ate me alive. My family forgot to bring spray, so needless to say we all had quite a few nasty bites. There are also a lot of other amenities and fun things that the park has to offer. There is a small basketball court, and you can also take horseback riding lessons. My family didn't venture off too much from our campsite, but definitely enjoyed the lake and making a fire at night and eating dinner and smores for dessert. There are also some picnic areas that you can use- we didn't have a table in our campsite, but my family did bring their own table which we used. They do have some great walking trails, which my mom and I used for our morning walks. The path was great, well marked and maintained and shaded the whole time. I would love to come back and stay here again, and maybe venture out and do more next time. Someone told us there was a theme park close by, and also a golfing range and mini golf nearby.

One of my absolute favorite places to visit

Cayuga Lake Campground is honestly one of my favorite places to visit and spend time with family and friends. There is just something about this place that always leaves me wanting to come back again. I have been here twice, and I honestly wish I could come every weekend. It is so peaceful and relaxing, and the nice thing is that it isn't as crowded as the neighboring campgrounds. Some people may say that because it is not busy, that means it is not a good campground. I would disagree with that, because this place to me is a hidden gem. The lake is gorgeous, and if you go at the right time of year, the flowers are blooming and it's just amazing. The campsites are pretty close together, so it does lack some privacy from your neighbors, but I felt like I was hardly around my campsite to even notice. I was too busy playing in the lake, hiking, and riding my bike on some paths. I also saw a few people fishing in the lake, but not really sure what kind of fish you can catch. There are campsites, but I also saw that you can rent houses along the lake. I personally like camping, but if you enjoy having a hot shower, bed to sleep in and a roof over your head, this may be the option for you! The houses along the lake were really cute, and you literally just walked out your back patio and down to the lake. I would recommend bringing some type of bug repellent because I got quite a few mosquito bites. They were pretty heavy down by the lake, so just spray really well and you should be fine. The bathrooms on site weren't the cleanest. There was dirt and mud on the floors, and there was no hand towels. This isn't a huge issue for me, but for some people a clean bathroom is important to them. I'm used to hiking and having to use much worse restrooms! They do have some good trails nearby, with paths that were well maintained and easy to follow. I wouldn't consider these to be typical "hikes." They are more of walking trails, but they were still beautiful.

Great spot for your whole family

This campground overall was pretty good. It is a larger campground, with large sites. Within the campground there are also restrooms available, showers and water. I would advise to bring your own water, because the running water they provide doesn't taste the best and smells like rotten eggs. Just my opinion. The campsites also have a fire ring pit and a picnic table, which was nice for my large family. It wasn't too busy when we went- we got there on a Friday night around 6pm and were able to get a spot. There are also some fun activities within the campground, and things nearby. There are some good hiking and biking trails. My family and I went on a hike one morning, and my brothers enjoyed riding their bikes along the path. There is a restaurant near by that plays live music. The night we went, it was country music. Not sure how often they do this, or if the music changes. They do also have cabins you can rent, but we enjoyed the camping experience. We were in section C, spot 85. It was a pretty good, private spot. The campground was pretty clean, although we did see some trash throughout the campground that we picked up as we walked by it.

Awesome water activites, and great hikes!

If you like water activities and hiking, then chances are you will probably like this campground. I like both, and really enjoyed my stay here. One great thing is that they do have some items you can rent- I rented a rowboat, and used that for a large part of the morning. They also have some kayaks available to rent as well. The campground is pretty large, which I was a little surprised by. The campground was really clean, and because the campground is large, you feel like there is room between you and your neighbors. They have quite a few walking, hiking and biking trails nearby. I definitely took advantage of the hiking trails, and would recommend looking up some hikes that suite your ability. The only downside I would say is that the campground is located near a shooting range…I heard someone say it was a "skeet range." So every so often you would hear a gun shot, which was pretty startling at times. However, I got pretty used to it. I would also suggest to bring bug spray if you are planning to come in the summer months, because there were mosquitos everywhere, especially close to the water. There is also an entrance fee for those people who are non-residents, and I believe it is $13. They have great picnic areas close to the water, which were always taken- So get there early if you are planning to have a BBQ or picnic with your family. Overall, I liked it here and would come back eventually.

Great hiking trails, and beach nearby!

Smith Memorial Park has a pretty great set up. You can camp and hike, while enjoying the beach and water activities. It is the best of both worlds. I camped here a few summers ago, and enjoyed my stay. I love hiking, and there were some really good trails nearby with some great views. The campground was great, each campsite has its own picnic table and fire ring. They also have restrooms and showers available for use too- I stayed a few nights so the showers worked out great. Our spot was fairly close, so it was within walking distance. What I really like about his campground is it is sort of secluded, and not very crowded. The campsite I stayed at was called "The Point" and it was quite and a great location. My sisters went one evening to a winery that was really close to our campsite called JR Dill, and we went to a great brewing company for dinner one night. The campground does provide firewood-which they offer for a pretty low cost. We did this, and enjoyed making smores over the campfire both nights we stayed. The beach is nice and is pretty close to the campground, within walking distance. Great for swimming, and I saw some people out on the lake with their boats. Enjoyed my stay, and would definitely come back again at some point!

Great beach area, lots to do!

The Cumberland Bay State Park in New York is a great place to go and relax. If you like the beach scene, swimming, or having a picnic, then you will enjoy this park. I come here quite often to kayak, and my friends and I also like to get a game of volleyball going on the court they have within the park. During the summer months (and especially on hot days), you will find that this park is pretty busy. You can always find a little spot to put your stuff, though. Kayaking is probably one of my favorite things to do, and the lake is perfect for this. The park itself is located on Lake Champlain. You also have the option to camp overnight if you wish…I have only done this once because I wanted to get up and kayak for the sunrise! The park does provide picnic tables, restrooms and showers. I find that the restrooms and showers and pretty clean….there have been a few times that the stall I am using doesn't have toilet paper. So I would suggest checking your stall first before you sit down on the toilet :). One of my favorite parts about this park, is in the distance you can see the beautiful mountains, Adirondacks and other gorgeous views. There are also some good hiking trails nearby that you can get to by car. I would say there are trails within 5-10 miles away. All in all, a great place to come and relax!

Best getaway in New York!

Camp Gateway is one of my favorite places to go when I want to get away from the busy city! It's in such a great location because it's close to the city yet seems so far away. You feel like you are miles away from the busy city because of all the trees, and the campground creates a great outdoor feel. If camping is "boring" for you, this still is a great place to go because you can schedule tours and the Statue of Liberty isn't far away, so you can go visit that. I really enjoy hiking around the area, and they also have some great paths for biking. I rented my bike from a local shop close by- Avaitor Sports Shop. The only downside is that they do have a few guidelines and rules- lets are not allowed in the tent sites, no alcochol allowed and no charcoal grills. This does help keep the campground pretty clean, which is always nice. There is a lake nearby that has boat launches and I've seen people kayaking too. The campground was nice, and the campsite had a fire ring and table. Our camp spot was a little farther away from the restrooms, but it wasn't too bad. They also have showers available too. I would recommend this campsite!