Kari L.

Fort Collins, CO

Joined May 2018

Lots of charm

Lone Duck has a great deal of amenities that make it a pleasant stay. While everything is fairly tight, they use the space in a way that reduces feeling too tight. There are bushes between at least some sites, lots of family friendly activities, friendly staff, and little odds and ends extras that make this a great place to stay. We stayed in site 29A, which sits alongside a creek on one side and another site on the other. Across the small creek appears to be private property and homes. We didn't spend much time at the campground during our short stay, but we were comfortable. I was bummed I didn't make time for a few arcade games! The bathroom/showers were cleaned daily, the staff was visible and always pleasant in our interactions. While we arrived late and after the office closed (10:15pm), there was a map on the office door with our last name and our site circled. Showers and toilets were a bit cramped, but they are flush toilets and the showers do not require coins!!! The shower was luke warm, though I suspect its because I took it mid-late morning. They offer a pancake breakfast and free Wi-Fi. Overall there was a home like feeling. Its not too far out of CO Springs and close to many of the Springs local attractions, sitting at the base of Pikes Peak. We'd definitely go back if we're in the area again.

My partner now likes camping!

Our experience camping at Morefield was great! We expected the campground to be more full, but there were lots of choices for sites. We were able to get a great site that was well shaded, with some space between us and adjacent sites, and plenty of room in the site itself. It was my partner and I and we have a teardrop style camper. The bathrooms were clean enough (some spider webs, but the sinks and flushing toilets were clean). There were free showers with no time limit. We did not attend any of the evening programs, but there were programs available. We were under the impression that there were electric sites available, but were not able to locate them. There is a general store for purchasing ice, little items that may have been forgotten, and a gas station. Overall, this was a great experience that leads my partner (who hates camping) to want to camp more!