Kalai L.
Davis, CA
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Clean and organized

This campground is well organized, fits a lot of people but there is a good space between tents. Bathroom nearby, picnic table, fire rings. Campsites have a good size for groups. This place is great as a base while you explore the amazing surroundings of Crater Lake during the day.

Mistic place

Redwoods State Park is beautiful with campgrounds that are basically next to the trails, secluded and surrounded by trees. There is nothing not to like about this place. Worth the drive.

Pretty out in the open

This place is great for sleeping over if you are in a crabbing or fishing trip, but besides that, there is nothing around. The campsites are close to the coast but this also means that when it gets really windy (which is most of the time) is very hard to set the tent, cook or hang out. High traffic of cars, from all the people that are going there for fishing and crabbing.

A must seen place in California

This campground is close to some of the most beautiful atractions in the area, close to hiking trails, Pfeiffer Beach, falls, convenient stores and fancy restaurants. Campsites are secluded, there are threes everywhere and you get the basic amenities. The only con is that is very very hard to book, as everyone wants to be there!

Great camping to explore an amazing place

This campground is located in a great area, some of the greatest hiking trails are nearby by foot or a short drive. Most campsites are shaded by trees and this trees offer some kind of division between sites. Pretty flat terrain covered with leaves. Fire ring, bathrooms are available. Totally recommend it, the only hard part is to book a spot!

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Exposed but convenient for a quick stop

Diaz Lake Campground is right off HWY 395, has a small lake, picnic table, bathroom, and parking. Pros: easy to access, more like and in and out area. Accept pets. Flat surface. Lake can be a nice spot to hang out and watch the surroundings. Cons: too exposed to the highway an cars. Can be crowded and noisy. Relatively more expensive compare to other campgrounds in the area but not too much. In summary, this is a great place to go and sleep and then continue with your trip.

Under the stars, next to the Sierra

There is Pleasant Valley Campground, and if you cross the street and drive a little bit in you can get to Pleasant Valley Pit. This place has no shade, no trees, but amazing view of the Sierras. Dogs are allowed. Bathroom available. And is only 2$. This place is also close to other attractions like hot springs, Happy Boulders area and local hikes.

You will find mostly two groups of people: rock climbers and fishers. Around 20 min drinking from Bishop, it makes a convenient place to relax from your recreational activity or road trip. Sunsets are amazing.

Convenient for exploring Yosemite

On the east side of Yosemite Valley, it offers a convenient spot to rest after exploring and enjoying all the activities the area has to offer. Is crowded, but each spot is equipped with fire ring, food storage, picnic table, parking spot and flat, shaded spots for your tent.

Advantages: car camping, good for families, pets are allowed, bathroom and potable water nearby. Shuttle bus is pretty close too.

Disadvantages: Crowded, have to book a lot of time in advanced, distance between campsites is short.

In the middle of the best worlds, Desolation Wilderness and Tahoe Vista Points

This first-come, first-serve campground is located in front of the Vista Point to Emerald Bay and at the trailhead of Cascade Falls and Desolation Wilderness. Because of that, you will have a lot hikers walking thought the campground during the day. Campgrounds are nice, good shade because of the trees, picnic table, fire ring and a place to store food. Toilets are nearby. This is a very convenient spot to access Tahoe and the city or to start your hike and explore Desolation Wilderness without the backpacking. Ranger lives on site and she was really helpful and nice. You can get to Granite Lake in around 1 hour of hiking.

Best for: Convenience. Hike and play the whole day and come to sleep and enjoy the campground at night when everyone is gone!. Dogs are allow in the campground and on the trails!.

Tip: Since is a first-come, first-serve, you can arrive around 8 or 9am, when other campers are getting ready to leave.