Small camping loop st the bottom of a hill

Beautiful setting right at the start of the Appalachian Trail. Campsites were spacious and well maintained. Showers have heaters for cold weather. We stayed 3 days to hike the AT Approach Trail which is a loop from camp to the HikeInn. 10 miles gave us a good sense of what the AT is all about! Check out the waterfall, the lodge overlook, and do some hiking!

Beautiful surroundings, very close neighbors

We stayed in a campsite next to the lake, half the campsites are next to the lake, but that means you’ll be listening to loud boat engines and boaters screaming and blaring party music all day. Wish I knew this when I reserved the site. Campsite were a bit small, but well maintained with picnic table and fire ring. Lots of fireflies in the evening, fun to watch! Until your neighbor shines their headlights directly at your campsite every time they turn on their vehicle due to the way the campsites are placed… could be better designed, or have some kind of barrier since the sites are so close together.