Regatta 2018

Regatta races 2018

Regatta 2018

Regatta races 2018

Regatta night

Regatta on the Ohio 2018 awesome event I partake in every year. Big name bands, amazing boats, incredible speed rooster tails, and amazing food. MUST GO

Daniel Boone #3

another hiking trip to Daniel Doon 9-27-2014

Bardstown trip

Bardstown Kentucky

Daniel Boone Trip 2

So great we took two trips! So many beautiful hiking/biking trails! this is still one of my favorite places to go !

Raccoon Lake

Great visit when boating is your main objective!

Raccoon Campgrounds

Campgrounds were very clean, plenty to do, playsets for kids and the lake right with everything! I would I highly suggest this, especially to any boater campers

Bardstown KY

We we're unable to spend much time at the campground but made our designed trip to see the brewery's! Being minutes away from all the Bardstown brewery's this is a MUST SEE PLACE!

Raccoon Lake

Great campground, clean and nice sites! There is plenty to do, and the lake it one of my favorites! plenty of boat ramps for access and great environment all around

Manatee Park/ Anna Maria

On the bridge headed to Anna Marie/longboat key we got the awesome luxury of riding horses, and got to kayak the oven and lake manatee! one of the best trips we've taken

Brookville Lake

I have not been able to camp here yet, but fishing goes one of two ways…You can't keep the fish off your hooks or you have a hard time catching even a cold. For boating activities it it great, unless there are tons of people.

Hickory Ridge

unfortunately I did not get stay long, but it seemed as though I was having difficulties finding things to do

Hoosier national

Again, spent most of my time on the water, but was nothing short of exciting! I was slightly dissapointed with some of the lack of scenery or again, maybe I missed it! Fishing was a hit!

First to Review
Cherokee fishing

If you're a striper fishing fan, this is an awesome experience! We never had a problem finding the fish! Needless the say, we spent most of our time on the water. Camping was minimal as far as I saw, but again was rarely there. fishing was a 15/10

Hardin ridge camping on Lake Monroe

GREAT camping and right on lake Monroe. In my eyes win win! My only concern was there were no real huge activities or nature sight seeing available, unless I missed it! If so I apologize for the semi negative review. But if camping is up your alley, this is an awesome campground! We DO plan to return

On the Ohio River

Awesome place for water sports and fishing!

Brown Co. St. Park

Again, with a beautiful town and plenty of activities, beautiful camping and views, this location is always a favorite of ours!

Clifty falls of Madison Indiana

great visit at this park! downtown Madison is a beautiful old town, with a newer northern section of town. "Old madison" is full of events when scheduled correctly. This last weekend 7-7-18 and 7-8-18 we spent time at the Regatta boat races and camping. Great events, great camping, plenty of hiking trails and beautiful waterfalls!